Sydney – beaches for kids 

Sydney is an amazing city. I am biased of course but harbour cities in my mind have an easy start in the race of best city. I grew up inland in Australia. We scramble for water in the city but ‘out there’ the struggle is real and you have a deep appreciation for how precious water as a resource is. Having moved to this beautiful harbour city with so much water I can’t imagine not facing it to look at ever again.

Water calms me. Water cools me down and our lovely beaches remind me each and every day how fortunate we are to live in a country with clean, and sometimes un-crowded beaches. How lucky we are to have free entertainment at our finger tips everyday of our lives.  

To experience Sydney you need to get a grip on our beach lifestyle. Sure we have the whole surfer dude thing in areas, we have the urban surfers rushing down for a surf after work, we have the housewives pounding the footpaths in their active wear. We tick all the stereotype boxes. If you hang out for a little while, you’ll see families grabbing fish and chips or bringing a pizza for a Friday night catchup. You’ll realise beyond the stereotypes it’s just a happy, nice thing to do. Go to the beach with your family. Swim or play on the sand. Life is simple. Life is good.

As a Sydney local I have compiled a list of beaches for visiting families. Here is a list of beaches suitable for all ages.

Surf  beaches for families 
  • Manly in the southern corner
  • Palm Beach in the southern corner
  • Bondi in the northern corner
  • Bronte natural pool
  • Clovelly Beach
  • Secret beach – to get this one, contact me. It’s northern beaches.
Non-surf beaches for families 
  • Clontarf
  • Balmoral
  • Neilson Park
  • Clifton Gardens
  • Camp Cove at Watson’s Bay


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