Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

You don’t need to be 65 to enjoy the Gardens by the Bay. When you visit you will understand that statement. There are members of the older generation everywhere. This could be because it is a relatively relaxing and cool stroll but maybe also because Singapore is know as the garden city throughout the world. I guess there is a touch of when in Rome do as Romans do!

The conservatives  are air-conditioned and a welcome break from the heat outside. We walked around the bay and absolutely revealed in their temperature change. I will ask you to question whether you are okay with heights before entering the Cloud Forest as they are 6 stories up. Despite the height (for me it was the overhanging walkways that you could see through to the ground below that really put me off) The Cloud Forest is despite my intense fear of heights, wonderful and if you have an inkling of conservationist or horticulturist in you, you will revel in the the wander.

There is 101 hectares of garden to enjoy and see. The underlying concept of Gardens by the Bay are the principles of environmental sustainability. I have read about them for years and wanted to visit purely based on their underlying principles and what they have set out to achieve.

Flower Dome

The Flower Dome is full of gardens around the world. As you wander throughout the different continents you follow the serpentine path that leads you back to the enterance. Enchanting driftwood sculptures and displays throughout ignite your imagine and make you realise your ridiculous garden with 4 plants is just a pot plant really and not a garden at all. I left inspired to design my garden and make more of an effort based on the spectacular examples of what could be achieved. Of course…. I’m still planning! Throughout the year there are different themes or displays so if you were visiting Singapore often there is always something to see.


The beautiful Cloud Forest. You can see the walkway sticking out… That’s where I broke into sweat fit number 3.

Cloud Forest

The Cloud Forest is 6 stories high and whilst they’ve made an effort of having parts of the walkway filled in so you can’t see down, the truth is you need to pass people and go on the grated section of the path looking down 6…then 5….then 4 flights of floors. I nearly pee’d my pants as I broke into a clammy sweat and my hands shook. Oh yeah I was trying to be cool, my son saying ‘look at this mum’ leaning way to close to the edge for me and laughing like a hyena as I whinced and chanted repetitively “I am not looking over there’ and ‘I am not moving off the solid path’. At about the 2nd story, I was beginning to be able to see straight again!

Supertree Grove and OCBC Skyway

Neither are available in storms so you may not be able to buy your ticket until you get there. As it often storms in Singapore in the afternoon, my tip is go to this section in the morning. The Supertree Grove is as inspiring as it is majestic. This is an example how city planners should be adding greenery to any city around the world without the danger of tree roots (and whatever other problems they claim to void the city of trees) These huge structures are vertical gardens. They are magnificent and I really wish cities would start creating them the world over.

Would I go back?

In a heart beat. A good walk is always good for a stop over. Singapore is a great stopover for us as we have friends there to catch up with. The conservatives and Supertree Grove complete with Skywalk will take between 2-3 hours dependent upon your level of dawdling. It’s important to make the point that Singapore is not just a stopover. For families it is a great holiday destination. There is a multitude of activities for kids of all ages. The MRT system puts public transport in Sydney to shame and makes getting around easy. Taxis are helpful, affordable and clean. The MRT is clean. Apart from the ‘haze’ (if you’ve been following other articles you will know all about the haze) Singapore is not only clean but most of all for families, it is safe and accessible.

The see-through footpath that sent me into a spin.


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