Legoland Malaysia


My son had (he still has, but he moved to England)  a lovely friend who had visited Legoloand in England on a trip home. For a young boy who could barely breathe without thinking about Lego, creating Lego or making purchasing decisions, the idea of Legoland was like saying ‘let’s go visit Santa’s toyshop. Whilst I madly want to go to Alaska, all he wanted was to go to Legoland.

Fundamentally I want my children to have a magical childhood full of imaginative play. The closest Legoland to Australia is Malaysia. Planning my trip I offered to go to Disney Land in nearby Hong Kong as well but he wasn’t the slightest bit interested.  Sorry Disney!

Legoland Malaysia is only 55 minutes from Changi Airport. Bus tours do operate from Singapore city  but they have early collection times (7.30am). You may find you require 48 hours booking notice to get on the bus.

We caught the train (MRT) and then a bus through the boarder at Johor and a taxi from there. (approximately 40RM) This transition was all very simple but I would remind you that if you purchase lots of Lego the only way through the checkpoints is by carrying your bags and as such you may want to limit what you purchase. Getting a taxi both from the checkpoint and to Legoland was easy. The MRT back to our hotel easy. Remember your passport inclusive of any slips of paper within.


We bought tickets to both the Water park and to Legoland itself. The rides at Legoland itself are not scarey (trust me I’m a total ‘don’t-do-rides’ so they need to be tame for me.) The waterpark has a racing slide that goes through tunnels – ahhhh no thanks! Why do you need to race through a dark tunnel on a water slide? That was clearly the most exhilarating by far and even with my dislike of dark tunnels we had about 4-5 turns on this ride.

There are lockers at the front enterance and in the water park. Obviously, it makes sense to use the waterpark lockers if you’re getting changed. There are many choices for eating, but plan ahead, it’s unlikely you’ll get wet, get dressed and then want to get wet again!

I would allow a half day in each park. There is the Legoland hotel so if you wanted to take more time you could always stay the night. I would allow at least an hour in the shops, that is assuming you’re allowing purchases. My son had his $300 and was going to spend it there. Every last cent. Spend it he did which is why I mention you may want to be mindful of this as you need to carry it through the checkpoint. There are often very heavy afternoon thunderstorms in Johor so you may need to be mindful of this as you plan your day. There is a photo below of us drenched as we ran from the entrance to the taxi rank.

It’s a cruisey place. There were not huge crowds despite a Halloween party on the evening of our visit. And it’s an easy walk around the park. There weren’t any queues in the Waterpark but some rides for were 3 so we missed them. There are masses of staff to help. The waterpark is aimed at smaller children for the most part. Older children may want to spend their time checking out all the buildings/exhibits made of Lego. We spent the vast amount of our time in the Star Wars exhibition.

Would I go back? To Legoland yes, but Legoland Malaysia has been done for me unless of course we find ourselves in Singapore with a few days up our sleeve.




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