Yamba, somewhere on the Australian coast. 

Some people go to Europe every summer. Some go to the Hamptons. Some to Costa Rica. Australians may take advantage of the snow in the northern hemisphere, or they might go to Noosa or the Central Coast. They might have family overseas and visit them. Perhaps it’s Dunsborough, or Stradbroke Island, Palm Beach, Sorrento, Anglesea, Portsea, Mollymook, Port Stephens or one of 10,500 beaches in Australia. That’s us. We pick one of those 10,500 beaches. We go to Yamba.


Yamba is a small town by the sea at the mouth of one of the biggest river systems in Australia. It is famous for its seafood. You’ll find Yamba prawns on a large number of fancy restaurants menus throughout the city. It’s a town where in ways time has stood still but in other ways it has progressed and moved along. I think they have the balance just right and it’s a wonderful spot for a family holiday.

There are a few little shops for a spot of holiday shopping. There are a few good restaurants and many lovely cafes.

Beaches and beaches

Yamba has an abundance of beaches to choose from and you’ll always be able to find a place out of the wind. There’s golf. There’s tennis. There’s a lap pool. A beach pool. There’s a bike track. Several walking paths. You can hire a kayak. You can take surfing lessons. You can hire a bike. You can hire a surf board. You can see kangaroos and wallabies on the local oval or on the golf course. You can watch dolphins feed in the river or catch waves at the beach.

 There’s a grocery store. A liquor store. Chemists, hairdressers, bakery’s and butchers. There are a handful of surf stores. There are crabs caught fresh. Prawns a plenty. There’s Thai food, pizza, steak or Mexican. There is a pub over looking the beach and a pub overlooking the river. There’s a great restaurant in nearby Angourie.

The Town

The town only got a grocery store within the last 5 years, so development has progressed in some way.  Unfortunately for the town an article in a travel magazine (2009) awarded Yamba as the best town in Australia. Once free of the crowds the town has managed to maintain a touch of ‘quaint’, even as the numbers increase. Despite floods and summer storms it still packs a great holiday. Yamba is the perfect family holiday.

The town is delightfully sleepy and it’s only during January peak travel season that the evening hours are busy. If you want lazy mornings at the beach and lunch at the pub or fancy free café, if you want evenings on the beach as the sun sets, if you like deserted beaches or a mix of fresh and salt water, this might be your slice of heaven too.

Family time

We come every year. My sisters come too. For me it’s a place my body and mind crave year on year. It’s the place to relax and unwind. You can recharge and re-energise. A  place where to be inspired and take time to look ahead. It’s where I am grateful for perfect days and reminded of the gratitude I have for everything in my life.

Importantly it is a place where cousins become friends and sisters squabble and laugh. Year on year we meet more and more people. Yamba is low key and relaxed. It’s charming and with enough to do that you can fill a holiday full of different activities.

This is the place where traditions and memories are made. A place where my children have learnt to swim and surf and year on year their confidence goes up another notch. This is a place where we create memories with all the dinners and beach dates. This place will forever be longed for and remembered. How lucky we are to come back every year.


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