Scuplture by the sea, Sydney

Every year the coastline between Bondi and Tamarama becomes an outdoor art exhibition. Sculpture by the Sea is a lovely family outing with all ages. What better way to showcase art than the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean? It’s an adult outing that kids can part take in. Sculpture by the Sea has grown in recent years and now operates in Perth as well as Sydney.


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Where to park.

We walk from Tamarama to Bondi and back with the kids. We park at Tamarama and we walk to Marks Park and then back. Its a 2km walking trail from Bondi to Tamarama. You will be able to use a pram but it does have stairs so you will need help at points. It should be flat enough for to be able to invite the grandparents for a morning stroll with the kids by the sea. Scuplture by the Sea encourage the use of public transport as parking is not widely available. We are early morning risers so grabbing a park is possible for us.

The Grounds of Alexandria create a satellite venue each year called Grounds by the Sea. If you have not had the delight of visiting them before, DON’T MISS IT. (yes, capitals are required) I have followed this place as they were laying their first bricks and its the place I equate to what I hope heaven is like. Magical, whimsical and with damn good food. The staff at the Grounds by the Sea are fun, upbeat and used to the crowds. They will keep you entertained and distract you from the wait. Don’t worry the food and the coffee are worth it. I have high food standards and I wouldn’t lie to you!

Wander round to the see the exhibition in the park. The sculptures are fabulous and attract all types of people. It’s fabulous people watching. Last year we had a guy covered in gold body paint trying to get the perfect photo of himself with one particular sculpture. I was mesmerised at not only his patience but the confidence he had in his body to be walking around in nothing but paint and a pair of speedos.

If you are even the slightest bit interested in photography – you can’t miss capturing some of the artwork at dawn. My photos really don’t do it much justice, I am certainly no master photographer or have any great skill level. I have an eye yes… but all that really does is gets me lucky on occasion.

This years exhibition is from  20 October – 6 November 2016. Put it in the diary and make time for it. I recommend going SUPER early and having breakfast at Grounds by the Sea. The crowds by 9.30am are getting hectic and it makes it difficult to keep an eye on the kids. There are local road closures so plan ahead. Extra public transport is added during this period to help with the crowds.

Allow some time before you leave for a play at the beach. The sculptures located at Tamarama are usually interactive and the kids always have a great time testing them out. My teenage nieces came last year and played on the beach as much as my 2 year old!

If you’re from out of town, it’s well worth seeing. The coast walk is spectacular without art. The added sculptures just polish it off.


Photo – courtesy of Bondi-2015-Exhibtion-Map-1

This map represents just how many sculptures there are – there is so much to see. Make a trip and enjoy it.


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