Essential make-up for travel 

Makeup for any travelling has to be light – no need to add weight to your luggage. I would also suggest keeping it in carry on – I would die without my mascara for 24 hours while the airline finds my bag.

The secret is out

When I was recently in Malaysia I met the most amazingly youthful looking woman. Her skin looked like Cate Blancett’s touched up in SKII ads. I kid you not- she had amazing skin. It certainly put my skin damaged leathery old covering to shame. I asked her secret. Ah yes,she doesn’t tan but she didn’t say that. She promised me its all down to moisture. She applies moisturiser over her makeup through out the day! If you’d seen her skin you would understand why I now franctically apply moisture at any given turn.

I use Kiehl’s for cleansing and most of my moisturisers. I have sensitive skin and often need to throw it out due to some rash or another. I also don’t want to pay for branding and like the fact they take back your used containers and bottles. Proof of corporate responsibility is valuable in a world that claim to be doing many many things when in actuality it’s clever PR.

Essential to pack list

  1. Kiehl’s hydro-plumping, re-texturising serum concentrate. – mix it with your day cream for an extra kick at night.
  2. BareMinerals – Prime Time.  I’ve never really understood primer until I bought this product. You only need the smallest amount and it is amazing. The small size fits easily into carry on.
  3. Stilla blush. If you’ve seen this in the shop and been put off by the cutesy packaging – don’t be, it’s fabulous. AND you can use as lippy as well. Petunia is my colour choice as it is natural.
  4. Burt’s Bees – cuticle cream. This will save your hands from changes to water and dry weather. For overseas followers – order online and you will be in love!
  5. NARS- foundation. I love this foundation. The glass bottle is not the best for travelling but the product is worth it. It’s light and allows you to have coverage without running your pores.
  6. NARS concealer – I am guilty of sticking to brands I trust. I used to swear by Lancôme concealer but I’ve moved on. I think this is a better product.
  7. Better than Sex mascara – the name says it all. I absolutely need mascara to walk out the door. I have blonde eyelashes and they don’t hold tinting. This goes on easily and gives you amazing lashes with one coat. For those that need to add length- this is your product!
  8. Cargo Better Than Waterproof mascara – if you’re spending time in the water, you’ll need one. This allows you a natural looking cover and doesn’t smudge.
  9. Neutrogena – to meet my newly found moisturising obsession. This is what I use over my makeup as its so light. It’s not enough for me at night but great for a day time refresh.
  10. Murine eye drops- I always need some saline drops to keep eyes fresh and find these especially handy after a long haul flight when that aircon has sucked all your moisture away.
  11. Bert’s Bees honey lip balm. Essential for replacing moisture and for looking great.
  12. NARS lip gloss– I will pack a few lipstick to cover a colour range. Napoleon Perdis is my go to for eye colours and lip colours BUT I will only pack eye makeup etc if we are going to an event whilst away. It’s lovely to think you will have a romantic night out, but remember your on vacation. Your skin will be sun-kissed and you will be rested. You will already glow.
  13. Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream for extra replenishment and correcting at night.

Don’t forget to keep your skin clean

There is one thing I’ve omitted from this list. My essential eye make up remover and cotton makeup remover pads. For years I was obsessed with Lancôme but couldn’t get it recently and the shop assistant sold me Neutrogena eye makeup remover. It’s $10 and comes in a handy small bottle. It’s the best. As I said I can’t live without my mascara but just as similarly I can’t wait to get it off when I’m home. This is possibly the single most important item after my mascara. Trust me, it beats the big brands off the shelf!

If you need a cleanser while you travel. Napoleon Perdis has these amazing Auto Pilot Lift Off Wipes – they literally will remove any makeup without water. A pack of 100 will cost about $45 AUD and not only will they save mess in your bag but being unstructured you can squeeze them in anywhere. I know it’s not your regular cleanse routine but give your skin a break too. I weighed my standard makeup and cleanse products before setting off on my last trip. There was 8 kilograms to it when you include hair products. Weigh yours – you will be surprised at how much there is.

Make-up Tip for purchases

I buy all my makeup from Mecca Cosmetica. My details are on file and I am able to send the family for Mothers Day and Christmas. Kiehl’s have the same records and this extra customer service is great for not only the same reasons but to remind me I’m nearly out of something when I’m in there and save an added trip is great for a time poor Mum.

Saks 5th Avenue and many other department stores in the UK and the States have these services. Some online stores also record what you have previously bought.

Make-up subscription clubs.

Australian beauty boxes will be completely different to those overseas so look them up. All the beuaty bloggers write about them. Essentially they send samples monthly/ quarterly and you have access to new products. Essentially I don’t pack for travel because the risk of my sensitive skin and a break out is too high, but if you don’t have skin like mine I think they are a great idea.


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