Grotto Point Lighthouse, Sydney harbour

The Spit to Manly is quiet possibly one of the best walks along the harbour with some challenges. The entire walk will take an adult 3+ hours dependent upon your fitness. It is however possible to break it down to smaller parts.

We parked at Tania Park and walked from there. To and from. This part of the walk took over two hours with an 8 year old and a 2 year old. I did however have my backpack and carry the younger one for at least half the time. However, there was good cloud cover to keep it relatively cool and we packed lots of water bottles and snacks, so in other conditions could of been worse.

I read somewhere that when raising boys it is not about the destination but more about the adventure along the way. I remember trying to go to the shops on one occasion and having to inspect every letter box along the way… And count them. Seventy six! When bushwalking with boys be prepared to look at rocks, stones, bugs, plants, dirt, some more bugs and some more dirt. Variations in the footpath amuse them- so it’s not difficult.

We chose Grotto Point one this particular day because not many people bother to turn off the main track to go and have a look. It’s not well sign posted and quiet frankly the lighthouse has a fence around it and is locked. There is a large rock for looking out about 5 minutes up the path. It is a cliff face so hold your wild ones. If you are like me and get upset when lizards get too close – jump inland and not over the cliff!

There are Aboriginal rock carvings but they are not well preserved.   The main path is clear and well maintained, however when you turn off down to the point, it is not. If it has been wet prior it will be muddy for most of your walk.

Sydney Harbour is spectacular and having it on our doorstep means we get complacent and forget it’s true wonder. Here we are merely 15 minutes from the city and not a sole around. The air is clean, the bush untouched and overlooking the best harbour in the world.  We took a swim at Forty Baskets before heading home – the swimming area is dirty – the cage just traps rubbish – swim outside – it’s lovely.

Next week we will be doing a different walk… Stayed tuned.


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