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Travelling with baby can be an over whelming cause for what do you take. You are new to this and you don’t know what you will need and what you won’t need. Here are some tips for what you need just for sleep.

When you first have a baby the last thing on your mind is travelling and getting away from, it all. Truth be told you may need to get away to see family. You may need to attend a wedding. You may need to move countries. There are a whole lot of reasons for why you and baby end up on a plane.

I have travelled with very little ones as none of my family live where I reside. I have either borrowed or bought any piece of equipment that I have been told was useful. I have travelled by myself and I have travelled with my husband and even girlfriends.

Up until your baby starts rolling they can sleep almost anywhere. SIDS friendly environments of course. I have used a bassinet for shorter trips and a Moses basket. I have used the cocoon from my pram. I have used a drawer. I have used a snuggle bed and I have used a variety of porta cots. I cannot tell you what you need to use because you know your baby and you know what they need to sleep. I have had one baby who just wouldn’t sleep without blackout curtains. Another baby who will have a ten minute nap almost anywhere. You will be able to adjust this list to suit you but this will give you an idea of what you need to pack for sleeping.

What you actually need to travel with

Baby Bjorn bouncer.

I used to pack mine up and take it with me everywhere. I would take it with me to the park and take it with me to the beach. I used it when the carpet’s cleanliness is questionable and for preparing meals in the evening. Babies don’t want to be held all the time. It over stimulates them and often it makes them hot. I know little itsie bitsie one’s do like to hear your heart beat when they are being settled but once they are settled they do like to sit and watch. I used to line my bouncer with a thick rug for those early days. Often I would turn and my little bundles would have fallen asleep. At the beach this gets them up off the ground and allows a breeze under them. As they pack flat you should be able to pack it as one of your additional pieces of luggage airlines allow you. Packing this will allow you some daytime excursions and even pool time with baby safely off the ground. Having this will save carrying around loads of blankets that constantly need a wash from being on the dirty ground.

Bassinet/ Moses basket

If your baby is sleeping in a bassinet and you need to go somewhere I would strongly recommend packing it should you be able to fit it. It will help baby sleep. This is really only practical if you are travelling within distance from home. I would imagine totally unpractical on and off a plane. It’s not so much the plane part that is the issue but the taxi/ car ride at the other end. If you plan on hiring a car that will fit it – go for it.

Click here for a new product that is easy to transport.

Snuggle bed

These are the beds sold in baby shops as making baby feel secure and comfortable in their larger cot. You can also use them- on the couch, on the table, on the side table. I have used one of these with both kids. The first child I found it too late and didn’t get as much use out of it as I would of if I had purchased a few months prior. The great thing about this is, you can pack this bed and the Baby Bjorn bouncer in one large airport bag. Which means you can still bring a stroller or a car seat. The other positive is once you are home, baby can continue to sleep in this to help add comfort to their routine. If you are taking a bassinet, you do not need to pack this. One or the other. The other point to make is try to find one without a sagging mattress. This is the problematic part of them in relation to SIDS. Try to get a firmer mattress similar to a bassinet mattress.

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Love to Dream

I didn’t use these for my first baby but I used them from a few weeks with the second. The temperature of where you live will decide what type of baby sleeping bag you will use. I always pack blankets for baby as hotels and airplanes tend to be very cold. You can use a blanket over baby in their bag and tuck it into the bassinet or snuggle bed firmly.

White noise

Download an app that has white noise for helping baby settle in a new place with new noises. I used Sound sleeper, click here for the link. There are loads of them so don’t feel like this one is remarkably better or worse than others.

Baby Monitor

Depending where you are staying a monitor may be useful. When we were in Fiji our suite was of a layout that a monitor was very helpful if we were sitting on the balcony. I have friends who have been skiing and they used their monitor within their lodge. Just remember when you are travelling with baby you should be slowing down and taking it easy as well. If a monitor is going to help you relax. Pack it!

You’re all set. From a sleeping point of view at least. Enjoy your holiday.


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