Travelling fails – crazy things that happen to me. Episode 3. 

Travelling fails is a series of short events that aim to make you laugh. Crazy things that happen  to me just don’t happen to other people. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss

We went to Orange on the weekend. Orange is just under a 4 hour drive from Sydney. Yes. In Australia this is a weekend escape. Travelling that far in a car – for a weekend! Anyway, I digress.

One of my planned agendas for the weekend was to get an awesome sunrise shot. The reason was Orange has a nearby mountain that pretty much has 360 degrees views as it is just one little mountain. I had figured from here I would get great sunrise photos both for my blog and for my Instagram. I need all the followers I can get right? Travelling Fails strike again.

My darling friend lives in Orange and I had wanted to get her out of her house and have some alone time with her, without husbands or boys. Sunrise photography was a great excuse for no tag alongs. On the Saturday I got up ready to go but as we had had a few drinks at her house the night before, my car was in her driveway and she was picking me up. I had to wait. That’s fine first light was 6.01am and sunrise was 6.31am. The most spectacular reds and pinks were happening while I waited for her. This was going to be great. First light was already here and I just hoped we would make sunrise.

Sunrise from Mount Conabolis


sunrise over the vines


Amazing how facing west you get nothing…red and oranges colours that is

We set off for the mountain. Half way up, still pretty but we’ve missed sunrise. You know those fabulous oranges and reds that can only be found in sunrise. Never mind I say I’ll come tomorrow. Not really caring as I was perfectly happy to come tomorrow. We went for a coffee after snapping a few photos. Which to be honest was fabulous! Nimrods. If you’re in town – he’s got the taps working to perfection and he does an amazing avocado on toast (so simple but so so awesome)

The red hues I missed! I enjoyed them personally, just the only shot was with power lines!

On Sunday morning I wake up. My husband and kids dress and we set off. Here we are in our pyjamas and a jumper over the top. We definitely will not miss sunrise today. The forecast is a concern but you never know, clouds might move and sun might shine through.

First light. 6.02am. The only tony stripe of pink is behind all the telecom towers. Not a good photo. We wait. Hopefully sunrise will be better.

We wait. 6.32am sunrise.


My eldest ” well that was a waste of time”

Yes. But, finding a positive I point out the kangaroos feeding, greatly unbothered by our presence. The clouds greatly blocked the light and fog made the view greatly unappealing in a photo. No, it wasn’t lovely romantic, creative fog! Crazy things that happen to me haunt me again. I won’t die obviously and I certainly have got well and truly over my loss of sunrise photos but you know… I am sure you can relate.

Hopefully next country trip I will get a magic sunrise.

the slither of colour!


Not a great sky huh?

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