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 The Agrestic Grocer is a speciality grocer on Molong Road Orange. The focus is on local produce and they love supporting the niche farmers from the local region – no matter how small.

Every product has a tale and the romance of this is something that would entertain me for a day – or longer. In my opinion their breakfast menu nails it! Country towns have long been needing to catch up to the city trend and start selling breakfast. Years ago the main street of Orange would close at midday on Saturday and Sunday – forget it. Coffee is hard to come by on a Sunday in a country town. Never fear. The Agrestic Grocer not only makes a wonderful cup of coffee but you can try your hand at grinding beans yourself on a pushbike! Now that is working for your reward? The Agrestic Grocer uses Orange Roasting Company coffee and I really liked the flavour. This is a quote from their site, ‘Perfect coffee is a result of an endless hunt for sourcing the best beans, carefully hand crafted roasting and blending and the hand and senses of dedicated baristas.’ You had me at perfect coffee!

The back of the store is dedicated to grocery items and fresh produce. I picked up some chilli jam. Can’t help it. I think I have a problem. I can have ten jars at home and still buy more. Maybe it’s like being a kleptomaniac of chilli jam and I just can’t stop? I picked up some jars of preserves I didn’t know what they were. I’m always trying to educate myself and learn even if it’s just learning for my stomach.

I suggest you pick up some Badlands beer. Seriously lovely craft beer and I am not even a beer drinker! Who’d of thought a local craft beer could be the turning card? Not sure it is, but I enjoyed the glass/bottle I had. Heaps Hoppy is a Kiwi Pale Ale. I am not a dark beer gal and this suited my untrained beer palette perfectly. The Badlands Brewery are about promoting Aussie beer as we should. When was the last time you were out and you drank local and not imported. Drinking local puts $ back into our economy and not offshore. Remember that!

 Orange region has some great cheeses and olive oils. There are some great salts and rubs. These always look good on the shelf but truth is I find I never use these. I have some in the pantry we bought in WA 6 years ago and then another lot we bought at the same place a year ago! Unless you use the salt you buy, I’d leave it on the shelf, in my house they’ve been about as useful as a snow globe.

Second Mouse Cheese Company is the locally made cheese and despite my love affair with cheese, I am not being biased when I say it is yummo. The mastermind behind this is a Kai of German heritage via France. His time in France is obviously where his love and knowledge of cheese is from. I love a double brie but the Quark was the highlight for me. The Roobie Blue looks amazing but as I was only purchasing for consumption, I  left that for next time.

Never mind my opinion on salts and rubs, this place truly is a wonderful place to get away from the wine tasting. Do you find that too? After a day or even a morning of wine tasting your palette needs a break? They are open late if you prefer later in the day to the breakfast menu.

The Agrestic Grocer is the amalgamation of two local businesses. Canobolas Pure Health and The Farmgate. The mix of recycled and rustic creates just the right vibe for a country location. City slickers like me want to get that vibe when they are in the country but not loose the city level of chic and services. They’ve nailed it. It’s charming yet efficient. It’s rustic yet totally exciting in relation to menu choices and actual produce mixes. It is very difficult to manage a business that is bits of this and bits of that. It’s like creating a small department store. How can you expect to exceed in all these areas and be master of many? Well, the mix of the two businesses has created a perfect harmony of ideas and creativity. Watch this business as it continues to grow and thrive as I am sure it will.


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