Travelling fails – crazy things that happen to me. Episode 5.

Here we are out in the Australian Bush taking the kids to Flat Rock Creek. We have rain jackets on just because whilst it is not cold or raining heavily I didn’t want to be trying to find a tree trunk to hide in if it happened to down pour.

The scene

We carefully make our way down the path and avoid slipping over on the greasy ground. This slight drizzle has turned the red earth into a slimy clay in places. We dawdle along – when you have a two year old on your excursion you have no speed other than dawdle.  Until, he puts the rocket boosts on and starts running. Given the terrain, we dawdle to avoid falling over.

This is our first walk of the morning, and with the rain I was not brave enough to set out for a couple of hours walk but instead wanted to do a few smaller ones and then return to the house for lunch. I hadn’t packed a days’ worth of equipment, just some snacks and water.


Flat Rock Creek

We arrive at Flat Rock Creek and cross. Very carefully I go first and test the rocks are stable for crossing and pick a spot for my husband to pass my two year old to me as the jump was just a little too big for his little legs to stretch over. The point of crossing was at the top of a small drop- so a slight waterfall. Over we go. From the other side of the creek we have a vantage point of the flat rock that the creek has adapted as its bed. We explore and then decide to go back. I grab the two year olds hand to prevent a fall and then it happens. He slips. Into a hole. Into his waist.

One drowned rat is pulled out of the hole with the hand I have just grabbed. He is drenched.

If you saw a two year old trekking around in his nappy for the rest of the morning and wearing wet shoes for the remainder of the weekend – you know why! So, removing the soaking wet pants, we change the nappy, I can’t do much about the socks and shoes and he insists on wearing his raincoat. We walk for the remainder of the morning with a kid with no pants and squelching shoes from the amount of water in them!

I’m usually such a girl scout that I would have a change of clothes in the car. Not this time! Crazy things that happen to me huh?




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  1. Sounds really interesting

    1. The snake??? Part of life here!!

      1. I’m 40 and haven’t been bitten yet despite seeing loads! You need street smarts in New York and snake smarts in the Aussie Bush!

  2. I’m sure you understand? South Africa has its own dangers!

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