Millamolong Polo – family day. West of the divide and along a country road.

Millamolong Polo is during Orange Food Week (Find out more). The Saturday is a fancy event with lovely food and great company. The Sunday is when the club focuses on the children. What a great job they do at that. The entrance fee for the day goes to The Riding for Disabled charity. The donation for children’s activities is also given to them. Not only do you get to enjoy yourself but you get to support a worthy cause in the process.
A few things about country polo. It’s not a fancy affair like Polo by the Sea or Polo in the City. Wear smart clothes but essentially realise that there is dust about – which means boots are possibly best. There is shade but a hat is definitely welcomed. Smart casual – if that is actually a thing, is possibly the best description.

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If you really want to make a day of it, I would recommend booking a tent and packing a decadent picnic. The Saturday has buses but the Sunday does not. Never mind the advantage of booking a tent means you will be able to park nearby and potentially leave the boot open for access. Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a lead. Mine would run after every and all horses so not worth having my arm yanked off for the entirety of the day.
My husband is an avid racing fan and has been going to the races for as long as he can remember. He wasn’t expecting to enjoy the polo but in this setting it is hard not to.
The club has recently renovated their shed and bar access was at one end with tables set up for the kids in the middle. There was lego, plaster painting, drawing, trains and other activities. My 2 year old loved each and every table. My 8 year found some local hoodlums and took off. I am joking when I say hoodlums of course but the little gang of boys exploring and chatting the grounds was an easy image to imagine them getting up to mischief in years ahead. Fingers crossed its good mischief.
The food was relatively limited to sausage rolls, albeit amazing sausage rolls at that, and a few other offerings. I guess the committee figure that the vast majority of attendees would bring their own.
The polo club have a large amount of merchandise for purchase. As I always try to shop local and to support local business, I bought two caps for the boys. I could of bought a tote, a polo short, a t-shirt, a wind jacket, a picnic rug and a whole bunch of other paraphernalia. You could leave dressed head to tow in Millamolong gear should you care to. Personally I preferred to bring hope some Milla cordial. The Rosella is the most awarded but the Kakadu Plum has the highest accolade. For me the lemon myrtle appeals to my taste buds.

The highlight of the day for the kids is a lolly hunt or rather scramble. In previous years they have dropped the lollies from a helicopter but this year a mustang drove up the field and scattered lollies all over the ground. The kids were lined up at the sidelines and waited for the starting gong before running out and getting as many lollies as they could fine. My eldest found a red lollipop and that was that for him. My two year old on the other hand grabbed his brothers hat and his own and filled them both! Its great fun and so nice to be somewhere that actually wants to bend over backwards to include the kids in what is an adult event. That is of course unless you grow up in a polo family and its just part of life.

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Would I go again? Absolutely with a to-die-for-picnic in tow. I will also be packing some friends to add to the fun.

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