Travelling Fails – Crazy Things That Happen to Me. Episode 6.

My husband and I thought we would have a night away in the city without the kids. We had booked a city hotel and various spa treatments for the afternoon. We have a club floor room so canapés and evening drinks were complementary. From there we were heading out for dinner not too far from the hotel. Sounds perfect right? Yes, but it’s me. If you follow my blog and you’ve read previous episodes of ‘travelling fails – crazy things that happen to me’ you will know by now that I am not one of those people where life just works out. I catch curve balls. I put out fires – funny that I also do that for a living as well. Anyway, there’s always a story with us. Something always happens to us. If you believe in Karma – gawd knows what I did, but I seem to get a lot of payback. Nothing bad. Just ‘curve balls’
We arrived in the city. We checked in and we headed off to the spa. My husband is not one to book his own spa treatment so this was out of his ‘comfort zone’ to start with. After an amazing coffee scrub and a float tank session. A Vichy shower and a massage later, I was not ready for much more than a couch and a book.  Lucky the drinks were complimentary. If I had had to pay for them there would of been zero chance of me leaving that room.

Returning to the hotel after a lovely meal we settled down. We made sure had shut every single blind and closed curtains to ensure maximum amount of sleep without children. I don’t know if you have even been in a hotel when the smoke alarm goes off but there is little chance you will sleep through it. At about 2.45am we were woken with an alarm so loud my ears rang for the best part of a week afterwards.

Club floors are usually close to top floors in hotels. I grabbed my handbag and in lieu of finding a matching outfit from the pile of clothes all over the floor, I grabbed a bathrobe. My husband takes a while to wake up so he also grabbed a bathrobe. Nothing on but our robes we headed to the stairs and headed downstairs. Down all 4o odd floors of them. Coming out on the street I was warm. Hotel bathrobes are warm. With nothing on, I could not take it off to cool down! So there I am in a bathrobe, standing in those ridiculous hotel slippers and naked!

We are standing on the street with probably 150 other guests. The fire trucks – all seven of them have arrived and entered the building. Here is the strange part. No hotel staff comes to organise us or ensure we are in some sort of ‘safe’ zone.  By the time it was about 4.00am the bellman came out to open a door. He looked out on the street and gave us a blank look. I approached and asked if there was any chance we could return to our rooms soon. His response would explain the lack of hotel staff. The hotel staff were not aware an alarm had even sounded! 7 firetrucks and firemen in the hotel and yet they were not aware there were guests on the street! Hot guests with no clothes on and overheating in their bathrobes. Guests with very sore feet having stomped down 40 odd flights of stairs with those ridiculous hotel slippers! Apparently, the club floors were separated from the rest of the hotels fire system and the alarm was faulty. Hotel staff had no idea guests had been evacuated nor that the fire door had been opened. Holy cow does that make me have a head spin when I stay in a hotel!

It’s true to say the hotel did not handle the situation well and rather than be upfront with us at checkout and apologise for the inconvenience. The staff waited for us to bring it up. Still got to laugh about it right. Here we are in the city getting away from the kids in hope to have some alone time and catch up on some sleep. For any parent catching up on sleep means sleeping in until 8 rather than up at 6.00am. My days of sleeping until lunch are so far behind me I can barely remember them. Rather than catch up on our sleep we spent the majority of the night on a city street naked and overheating in a hotel bathrobe! Crazy things that happen to me huh!


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