Hawks Nest, somewhere on the Australian Coast.

Hawks Nest. If you don’t know where it is, is only just over 2 hours from Sydney. Two of Australia’s prime ministers used to holiday here. Is that not a recommendation right there?

Hawks Nest is neighbour to the Myall Lakes National Park which if you are a boat enthusiast you will delight in. The Myall Lakes are a grouping of connected lakes and rivers. Houseboats love the area and fisherman and recreational boating is not far behind.

One of my favourite memories of my twenties was staying with a girlfriend at her parents holiday house in the area and her dad having caught some beautiful mud crabs took us down the beach to both cook them and eat them. The best part about eating crabs in your swimmers is you can swim after to get yourself clean and not worry while your eating them how messy you are being.

The absolute peace of this place will bowl you over. I’m not kidding. It’s so peaceful. And beautiful. The waters at Bennetts Beach are amazing. If the wind is blowing, move around to Jimmys beach on the bay side. There is a reason why people come back. It’s not too far from the city and once there it is a thousand miles from care.

Make sure you look up – there is a large koala population here.

The township of Tea Gardens ..just over the river is where you’ll find your morning coffee. As you cross the bridge, look down. I think I’ve seen dolphins feeding here on almost every occasion I have ‘walked’over the bridge. There are fish a plenty in the bay and as a result, lots of dolphins and the odd shark.

If you prefer to stay out of the way of a sharks dinner, catch the ferry to Nelson Bay, you’ll be bound to see folphins as they chase the ferry.

The best way to enjoy the area is rent a house. It won’t set you back a small fortune as it’s mostly reasonable prices. These links will help you find something.

Tea Gardens Hawks Nest 

Hawks Nest Beach Realty

As demand grows so does accommodation demand and there are more and more apartments going up.

There are not a lot of dining options. The Chinese is not bad and I actually like the golf club. If you have overseas guest you can almost always see kangaroos on the golf course at dusk.

It’s a perfect family spot and even better if you get a few families to rent a few places for the summer. There are a lot of picnic spots for you to get together as a group.


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