Pacific Palms, somewhere on the Australian Coast. 

Pacific Palms is an easy getaway from Sydney. (3 hour drive) The area is surrounded by water. The Pacific Ocean out to the east and behind the coastline lies Smith Lake and Wallis Lake.

The area is just south of Foster and made up of Boomerang Beach, Blueys Beach, Elizabeth Beach, Seven Mile Beach, Shelly Beach and Smiths Lake. Seal Rocks is to the south, and there are Bungwhal, Greenpoint and Tarbuck Bay to explore.

I can’t lie and tell you it’s not wonderful, it absolutely is. The beaches are super clean, there is good surf and a number of beaches to ensure you will always find a protected beach. You will find the shallow waters in the lake make it warm enough to swim into dusk hours.

It’s quiet. It’s relaxed and it’s beautiful.

Cellito Beach is by far the standout for me. I love a beach that’s hard to get to. Anything away from the crowds suits me. What is more it has a nice corner that provides a gentle wave for kids. Pack lunch and plenty of water and you’ll enjoy hours of peace.

Blueys and Boomerang have surf. Real surf. If you are not confident in the surf. These are unprotected and big waves.

Elizabeth is the only patrolled beach and has gentle waves and is generally not very crowded. The beach to the east of Elizabeth has a lovely bush track but it is any nudist beach so be prepared for questions from the kids. This beach if you don’t mind nudity is divine. The water is crystal clear. There are plenty of fish and there is protected corners. It’s not always packed with nudists so try your luck!

Pacific Palms photo courtesy of Pacific Palms Accommodation Centre
Pacific Palms photo courtesy of Pacific Palms Accommodation Centre


Pacific Palms Resort have a number of self-contained villas not far from Elizabeth Beach.

Pacific Palms Caravan Park is located nearby to Elizabeth Beach and has camping facilities and cabin accommodation.

Mobys Beach Resort has beachside accommodation in a resort style nearby to Boomerang Beach.

Holiday homes contacts and sites:

Pacific Palms Holidays

Pacific Palms Accommodation Centre

Pacific Palms Real Estate

There really is no better way to experience Pacific Palms than renting a house. There is an abundance of coastal style houses and modern architecture. Houses vary year on year as owners change hands and move in and out of the properties.

Eating in Pacific Palms

Kingfisher Café – you will find all your standard café type menu here. The owners try to source from local suppliers. The breakfast is amazing but lunch is also good. This place is good enough for several meals out whilst on holidays.

Twenty by Twenty Twelve Café. – Don’t bother- the service is slow and despite being on holidays and just wanting someone else to cook for once…. It’s not worth the extensive wait.

Kembali – the best Bacon and egg roll ever! Lunch menu is great and there is heaps of variety. They tend to have a Asian inspired theme running (the egg and bacon roll being the contradiction to that statement?)

The Recky – the kids can run outside and you can enjoy the sun setting over the lake, but this is plain pub food and some things on the menu are better than others. You won’t eat here twice, but the beers and sunset and children entertained is worthy of at least any crappy meal in my mind.

Moby’s Beach Retreat – if you are eating out in Pac Palms – this is it. The ambience is great, the outlook is lovely and the food awesome. My fussy kids will eat here! The seafood was fresh and beautifully cooked. When you are in a small town for holidays it is important to know that one restaurant will be able to entertain you more than once during your stay.

Jenz Coffee – we all know I sniff out coffee wherever I am. This is just about it in town. If your accommodation has a coffee machine then by certain this is better, but, in the height of summer you will wait some time for your coffee. All depends how desperate you are huh? The milkshakes are worthy of the wait apparently.

TIP – you need to be aware that Pacific Palms is not large and not all your city facilities are at your fingertips. That’s exactly the point really. You are getting away from it all. You will have to do a weekly grocery shop in nearby Foster (remembering the booze component of that). Despite the lack of facilities it truly is the loveliest of spots with some of the most delightful beaches you could find. There are people in the world who would love the opportunity to walk along white sands like this and swim in the crystal waters. Just remember that if you are frustrated by having to wait 30 minutes for a coffee. You will now head to the beach and spread out your towel and no one will come within 10 metres of that towel. That, is why you choose Pacific Palms.

Pacific Palms Area - courtesy of Pacific Palms accommodation Centre
Pacific Palms Area – courtesy of Pacific Palms accommodation Centre

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