VIVID Sydney 2016 – Taronga Zoo

Each year the Destination NSW tries to not only ensure VIVID is better than the year previously but that they keep improving year on year with their level of service. This is not just making sure there are more interactive lights and better screened lights but also down to moving the crowd and ensuring there are places to eat, toilets and all sorts of safety issues.

I really believe it will be a bigger event than the Easter Show before long.

The organisers not only ensure the lights are different each year but the added attractions are interesting and interactive. There has been an additional week added to the calender this year.

Tonight we went to Taronga Zoo for the opening of VIVID. It did not disappoint. The zoo is used to crowds and they know how to move people along. The path is set up for one way traffic and you meander down the hill before coming back up.

The film clip (refer to our Instagram for a snippet @kidsandluggage) has all the animals displayed throughout the zoo in the clip.

It will take you 1 hour at a leisurely pace- maybe 1 1/2 hours if there are lots of people. The gates open at 5.30pm which makes it very easy with children. The path is fenced off so they are fairly contained. The hill back up is only from about half way down the hill so not so bad.

If you’re looking for a VIVID experience without the hectic crowds of Circular Quay then definitely try the zoo. For those with prams I would definitely go to the zoo over the city.

I will add more information after visiting the other attractions in the coming week. Enjoy! The kids had a bawl and when they collect me from the ferry during the week we may even pop back to the top enterance for another peak.

My eight year old loved running around and discovering facts about each of the animals in lights. My two year old was in absolute heaven and confirmed this by saying ‘fun Mum’ on the way home.

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