Waratahs, Saturday Morning Sport

Sometimes kids just need to do stuff like weekend sport. This weekend we had our first game of rugby in typical rugby conditions – those being bit of drizzle and a few degrees lower than previous days.

Team sport is not only good for kids social skills it is also good for them to learn to work together. Plus the added opportunity of friendship. Add the benefits travel brings at other times and I hope to be raising a well rounded and balanced individual.

How good is it we live in a country where the state team came to under 12 rugby for the morning in the drizzle after a big game last night? I can’t see an American football team doing the same? I’m not sure if it would happen in England either. Maybe Fiji. Regardless hats off to the boys for being so incredibly generous with their time and for being human.

My two year watched them in awe for about 40minutes this morning and when he got a chance to do drills with them, he burst into tears. Rather than walking away, Dave Dennis gently spoke to my son and tried to engage with him. If the team captain is that great, leadership is in good hands.

I love that the people the kids in our club look up to are remarkable humans. Sure they have sporting ability but they prove you can be valuable members of the community as well. I appreciate their direct contact with the kids. There are not many countries in the world where kids would have access to international players. The fact that the players were open and warm was even more rewarding.

The face painting was excellent. It’s just a shame the first sign of drizzle sent everyone packing and there wasn’t the usual crowds.


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