Frenchy’s Cafe, Sniffing out Coffee on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

Frenchy’s Cafe is a local favourite. They welcome dogs and realise children are a large part of the community and set up a table of toys for them. They have kid friendly dishes and the kids milkshakes are the bomb (I’m told by my 8 year old; somewhat a master milkshake taster)

If you can get a table in the sun, you can ask in the glory of a beautiful Sydney Autumn day. Don’t restrict yourself just to Autumn, anytime is great. The kids will love the crepes with Nutella. Adults may prefer the crepes with lemon and sugar.

Hands down the best thing on the menu is the French Onion Spup and Parmesan baguette. The pate is also a good choice.

I find MAMILS tend to sniff out places that are accessible and have amazing coffee. You’ll find lots of MAMILS ¬†here (middle aged men in Lycra) that are either half way or finishing their morning ride. There are always families as the kids have a decent area to run around. There are various designer dogs on their leads put for their morning coffee.

It’s a relaxed place and the service is efficient without being impersonal. If you are missing France or wish to polish up your French skills, nearly all the wait staff speak French.

The coffee. I’d say an eight out of ten. It’s strong but there are variances depending on how busy they are. If they are rushed, the coffee tastes it. If it’s a slower morning, the coffee is lovingly made and worthy of a ten out of ten. Sometimes welcoming my dog whilst I get in a morning walk or having the kids run a little means getting an 8/10 coffee is okay because I win somewhere else.

The children will run around and join together with other children doing the same. For those with prams there is plenty of room. If your catching up with the extended family, make a booking to ensure they have a table for a larger group.

After your coffee or meal be sure to take a stroll past the artists’ rooms to the view over the harbour. It is one of the most spectacular views of both north and south head with the beautiful harbour stretching to Watsons Bay.

It’s a no-nonsense kind of place that may not be an amazing dining experience, but they are not aiming for that. Here they want you to feel part of the ‘la famille’ and you do, each and every time.

If you are around during the week, there is an organic market on Wednesdays. The artists are usually in residence during the week. That’s not to say they are not there on weekends as they often are, but during the week they are all there. You may find the piece you didn’t know you were looking for!


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