VIVID Sydney 2016, Botanic Gardens 

I’ve already reviewed Taronga Zoo’s VIVID display for this year and the other addition to the VIVID family this year is the Botanic Gardens. It’s a big year for the Botanic Gardens as they are celebrating their 200th birthday. How fabulous is that? 200 years ago someone decided we needed this amazing space and it’s been preserved ever since.

A colleague had gone to the gardens on Monday and told me it was similar to the zoo and structured so it was one-way traffic and there were staff located to keep people moving. I wasn’t going to venture out this week because it was forecast to be wet but I suddenly realised State of Origin was on and that has been the BEST night to go in previous years. Seems like people have cottoned on to my way of thinking! 

It wasn’t overly crowded and I was certainly able to push my pram without too much bother but it was still hectic in places.

The Botanic Gardens has created a lovely whimsical addition to the VIVID festivities. The cathedral of lights is certainly a highlight as is the snake tree.

If you are planning a VIVID visit, the Botanic Gardens is certainly less hectic than Circular Quay. There is a bar and eating area set aside for those that want to linger and take their time. The food looked quiet grown up apart from a toasted cheese sandwich for $10. In front of the Opera House there are kids sized (cocktail size) hotdog and buns for $5.

My kids loved running up the Opera House steps. As my 2-year-old was grumpy as a bear being woken from their winter sleep, we left customs house and the rest of Circular Quay for another night. I am lucky enough to live close enough to the city to be able to make several shorter trips rather than see everything in one night. An added bonus is it meant we get to bed on time despite the added excitement of being out.

My husband is not really that interested in the event. I don’t understand as it was voted best tourist event for last 3 years. It’s only been running for 8 years. It’s the largest event of its kind in the world where art, technology and business join together. It creates serious revenue for the state. I cannot for the life of me work out what there is not to like?? Year on year it is creative, interesting and entertaining. #ilovevivid

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