Every business needs a blogger.


Every business it seems needs to employ a blogger it would seem to master what is required by putting themselves on social media. Businesses want to build their profile and they are using social media to do it. It seems a lot of businesses are doing it badly.

I’m now what people call a ’blogger.’ I have seemingly taken to this new found interest and realised I actually really love it. My following base and my comments may lack. Sometimes I even wonder if anyone out there is reading anything I write at all. I question how I can increase my numbers and have been working on this strategy and that in an effort to drive the numbers up. Apparently it’s a question of patience and time. Both things that will challenge me completely.

What I am fascinated about is all the companies that put themselves out there on social media and then not respond. Some companies I have contacted through Facebook, Instagram and via email and I have received not even an acknowledgement of them having received my message/note and they will get back to me at some stage in the future.

Forget me if I am wrong but is social media not all about having accessibility? Is it not about having the opportunity for worldwide connectivity? Is it not about sharing information in real-time? Can businesses not target their audiences for what seems to be 1/3 of the cost of advertising in other mediums? Does it not increase the speed of the cycle of the news and information? All the while, is it not giving an opportunity for open, direct and transparent conversations with customers allowing an increase in discovery and enhanced delivery?

So, I am right? Social media is about all those things? Social media is an opportunity to drive up brand awareness for even the smallest of companies. In previous years building brand awareness involved large media budgets and huge amounts of cash. Not anymore. Exposure can be large and fast.

Why are there so many businesses doing it badly?

Why are there so many businesses who are putting themselves on Facebook and not responding? I am not talking about small businesses who are time poor. Airlines, international airlines should be responding to Facebook. You put yourself on there, get with the program. I understand Instagram is harder to respond to all comments. Messages are different. You also should get with the program. As to not responding to emails. Is this not the way we work now? If you get so many emails you are unable to respond, create an automated message and at least acknowledge that you have received the message. Hire staff to trawl through your inbox and forward anything of note.

It is little wonder that social media is driven by bloggers and other like-minded people. It is little wonder that businesses need to engage bloggers to help them with their social media strategy and build their brand awareness. It seems that bloggers get it like no else. They get that you will get heckled and sent negative comments from time to time. You will need to prepare yourself for backlash. You can chose what you respond to and what you don’t. How a company deals with negative responses in social media will become more and more important.

As a general rule, bloggers avoid these situations:

  • The criticism is small or from one person.
  • It’s an attack

Where Bloggers are leading.

Bloggers pay close attention to their Facebook page. They have Google Alerts and analytics set up. They listen on Twitter and they read reviews. This is their business. This is the way forward for them. You cannot respond to comments you are not aware of, so therefore open your eyes like a blogger does.

Bloggers act quickly. They will respond with an apology and state they will look into the issues. Businesses who are leading the way may even offer they contact a real person. Bloggers will speak like a human and offer to make it right when there is a call for it. Businesses should be doing the same. Bloggers will often do this in social media and build their reputation by their actions.

Bloggers will also not dismiss or reject. Bloggers have a code by which they embrace each other and celebrate each other’s wins and progression. Are businesses ready to do this? Are businesses ready to join with their competition to build bigger and better networks? Bloggers embrace their followers and listen to their comments. Trust me, there are bloggers who have 500, 000 followers and 1,000 comments per post. Even these big guys will be listening. The followers are what made them successful. If they stop listening their success may also stop.

Officially gaining the title of ‘blogger’ is something I wear with pride. I recognise I am changing the world, a little at a time and ever so slightly. I may feel as though no one is listening at times but I know that my opinion has been appreciated and even brought laughter to people’s lives. I embrace my brothers and sisters that blog. I admire those that have created so much from words on a page. I know I have a better handle on this social media thing than many large businesses. In that, I know there is a path, slow it may be, but there is a path for me.


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  1. Steph says:

    I am reading you darl! Love it. And yes, good businesses using good content marketing should use a blog. We are developing one as we speak at work; it’s totally the way forward. Keep up the good work lady – you’re really good at this. Any tips on Dubbo zoo – bikes or no bikes?

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