Travelling fails. Crazy things that happen to me. Episode 8.

Okay okay. One of the reasons for blogging is the sharing of information, greatly my mistakes so you can avoid making the same mistakes and have an enjoyable holiday. This series of blogs may indeed paint me as a idiot with very little idea in the world or you could look at it as a wealthy resource of circumstances to be avoided on holidays to ensure your own enjoyment.

My husband travels a lot for work. Many people’s husbands do. I am fortunate he is usually only away for a night or two. When he is off on some junket or another we tend to try and join it with a weekend trip where we can. Last weekend he was in Brisbane for the ‘Festival of sport’ as we have dubbed it. Rugby League on Thursday, dinner on Friday followed by the race son Saturday and Rugby Union on the Saturday night. Last year it was soccer, league and rugby on consecutive nights. Brisbane is packed of sports fans and people.

My parents live in Brisbane so I thought it would be an opportune time to take the kids up to see them. They don’t spend a lot of time with each other so I grabbed at the opportunity. My husband flew at lunch time and I decided to take a later flight as I wanted my son to spend at least Thursday am at school because he was missing Friday. He had left the hotel by the time we arrived as he took my Dad to the Rugby League game and I was staying in hotel with the kids.

We arrived at the hotel and I promptly booked a table for dinner. My ankle had swollen on the plane from acupuncture on an earlier injury so I didn’t want to go far and room service with two kids did not appeal to me. I ordered from the kids menu for the kids and a glass of wine for me. Here’s the tip. When you are travelling alone with young kids a buffet for dinner is not really a good idea. How many times can you get up and take the kids with you. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving them at the table. They had been travelling all afternoon and getting boys to sit still at a table at the best of times is hard enough. At one stage the boys meals had arrived and I thought I could escape to get some food for myself. No sooner than I opened the beef cheek Bain Maree and I here this voice…”Mummy, where are you?” Oh dear!

My wine never arrived. I had paid $70 and all I had to show for it was 2 prawns, some bread rolls consumed by the men at the table and a small spoon of beef cheek. I didn’t even get to enjoy the chocolate fountain!! Next time I see a single Mum at a buffet I am going to be the first to offer help if she needs it.


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