Travelling fails. Crazy things that happen to me. Episode 9.

This episode of this series was so close to being a win that I almost cheered. Last weekend we travelled to Brisbane. My flight was booked as part of a junket my husband was taking a part in. The children had been booked separately by me. As the bookings were made separately we were not allocated seating together.

I arrived at the airport with luggage on a trolley and the two year old sitting on the luggage. My 8 year old daydreaming as he often does and being at the other end of the airport to where we were. I tried to check-in with my frequent flyer care and no luck. I tried to check-in with the reference number. No luck. Leaving the computer self check-in terminals behind I had to gather the trolley, the daydreamer and the two year old to the other end to the hanger to check-in the old fashioned way – with the help of a human.

I handed over our travel documents and my ID. I presented the luggage for check-in. The ground crew handed me my boarding passes and explained there were two seats together and one alone. Yippee, you mean someone else is going to look after the kids and I can read my book for an hour?? Oh my stars, what luck is that? I can’t remember the last time it was daylight and I read a book for an hour! This was my lucky day. I then realised, perhaps I would be sitting with the two year old and I would be leaving my daydreamer to sit by himself.

We were directed to the gate to see if we could infact be seated together. I approached the desk and the ground staff started explaining to me that he had 125 seats and 131 passengers and he had just moved a group of 11 to sit near to each other which had in turn affected everyone else. Instead of our seats in row 10 we were now being moved to row 29 and we were now seated together! Bummer huh, my visions of peacefully reading taken away in an instance.


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