The Boathouse, Balmoral. Sniffing out coffee in Sydney. 

I’ve written before about The Boathouse. There are three locations in Sydney and last time I wrote about Shelley Beach. Palm Beach was there first and I’ve watched that business change and move things to create an overall better customer experience. They have done the same thing at Balmoral. Not just to make a better customer experience but to change things with council requests and permit dramas.
You know what I love best about them? Andre Goldsmith and his wife Pip Rob are not afraid to take on board feedback and make changes that may or may not work in an effort to try to give and be the best they can be. They are both extraordinarily creative and their spaces are the kind of places I dream to create in my own backyard.(magically of course as I a. don’t have their skills or vision but b. nor do I have any assistance)  Everything from their use of old boats as garden pots, to outdoor sinks and water taps is charming and interesting. It’s tranquil yet maintains a funky vibe. The splashes of colour create for colourful emotions that have you longing for summer. Their spaces epitomise summer afternoons and even in the middle of winter, you feel refeshed and renewed from their warmth and love that envelopes you as you spend time with them.

Balmoral’s version sits in a boat shed. There are a mix of share tables and secluded tables for couples. There are striped umbrellas reminiscent of Cape Cod and Adirondack chairs to soak up the morning sun. You feel like you’ve stepped into some Newport Yacht Club as you grab your table.

The Boathouse is not a secret. You need to be prepared to wait. Waiting doesn’t have to be horrible. In these surroundings all you have to do is breath and enjoy the view. In the mornings you’ll catch the sun coming up and after school is usually empty. Mid-week on an overcast day is a great time to go to lunch as you may have the place to yourself.

The menu is not extensive. That doesn’t bother me. I actually don’t like restaurants that have a thick book like menu. How can you be a master of all that?? The Boathouse has a simply menu and they do everything really well. The menu is designed for high turnover.

The coffee doesn’t get a 10 from me but what they lack in bean perfection they make up for in location. The gain further points in service. The kids love the hot chocolates and the kids milkshakes. Regardless of it not being my number one it is always good.

The Boathouse can be a quick coffee on the run but why would you in these surroundings? Linger. Stay a while and enjoy beautiful Balmoral.


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