Sciencentre, Brisbane.

Anywhere that has life sized replicas of dinosaurs has got to be good no? Not just a T-Rex but also a triceratops. My son gets quiet feisty when people (kids) say that their favourite dinosaur is a T-Rex. With his over functioning brain and the level of knowledge he has on so many things, he finds it disappointing that people favour the T-Rex when so many of the other dinosaurs had so many more strengths and unique points. In addition T-Rex’s were only ever found in the America’s. Australia has not only a unique range of dinosaurs but also diverse with many different species. Diprotodon remains have been found in many places in the region I grew up and it was really exciting to see archaeologists and scientists excavate the bones over a number of weeks.

This is not a story about dinosaurs but of the Sciencentre in Brisbane which includes dinosaurs but is not just about dinosaurs. Like Questacon in Canberra they really have their exhibits curated for the purpose of engaging young people in an interactive and exciting manner. It’s a great place to spend a few hours.

There are 3 floors of exhibits and some will ignite your little person more than others. Big shark-like fish in a jar are not at all inspiring to me, they give me the creeps and for that matter all taxidermy does as well. We visit a restaurant on our summer holidays and they have all these taxidermy fish heads on the wall. Yuk! They all need a button with a jingle and a moving tail to have any point other than creepy in my mind. Yes, I think deer heads on the wall are also creepy. ALL TAXODERMY.

We started with the exhibition Measure Island. My husband took great pleasure in setting a new record. This exhibit engaged my nearly three year old and enthralled my nearly nine year old. From this exhibit we went to the Electricity Show and Action Stations. We must have spent at least 1.5 hours in all these exhibits. I notices Questacon had developed/ loaned some of the displays for the centre. Questacon is Australia’s leading science centre and really is world class. That gives you an idea of how good the exhibition is.

Be sure to give yourself time to enjoy these floors. There really is a lot to see and do. It is very engaging and you will all enjoy yourselves. The kids will be having so much fun they won’t be aware they are actually learning. It is not only the kids that discover things. Many a forgotten science experiment was relived and I think this time I may have been engaged!

Thankfully for me by time my little one had been through these floors he was well and truly ready to move on. No more prehistoric things in jars for me! Yay!


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