My Hawaiian Dream.

My Dad was a farmer. Being a farmer means you get up when the sun comes up and you come home for the paddock when the sun goes down. Day after day. There are always animals to feed and jobs to do. When they are not planting crops, they are harvesting crops or on our property maintaining fences and various other equipment. The exception to this rule was when it rained. Heavy rain that turned the black soil planes to river beds and stopped you from going outside to do anything more than feed the animals and collect a few eggs.

Rain also meant my Dad would be at home for the day. We only had two TV channels when I grew up. I know in today’s society it sounds like I grew up at the time when the telephone was invented. Alas, it was merely the eighties’ in rural Australia. I can’t remember having a video player so the only movies or television we watched was whatever rubbish was on the local channel.

Elvis Priestley movies

Sunday afternoons were a popular time for the local television channel to run Elvis movies for the midday movie. If it was raining Dad would sit down and watch the television with us through an entire movie! For a man that finds it hard to sit still, this was an amazing feat in itself. Elvis movies brought us together and despite they were neither amazing acting nor great story lines, they were entertaining and the scenery was often more what interested me. Especially the three set in Hawaii.

Click here for more information about Elvis in Hawaii.

1960’s beach culture.

Doesn’t the images of the beach in the 60’s just make you feel like you want to run and grab a surf board and ride waves? These images of Elvis and girls just having fun at the beach couldn’t be further from how I grew up on wide open plains where water was a precious resource. My grandmother had spent her teenage years in Port Macquarie and loved the surf. The images of her in her bathing suit with my Dad playing on the beach are exactly the carefree and fun lifestyle shot I conjure in my mind when I think about how I want to live.

The Royal Hawaiian

With all the images of Elvis sets and scenery and 1960’s beach culture, it is hard to go past these pictures beyond Hawaii. The Royal Hawaiian was built in 1927 and painted pink in an effort to draw attention from steam ship passengers. Elvis himself always stayed at the Hilton but for some reason the Royal Hawaiian with its Spanish/Moorish architectural style just seems to create the perfect imagery of Hawaii and what it stands for. What is more tropical and luxurious than a pink hotel?

I’ve mentioned before I love old hotels that have managed to stay with it and now. Huge investments make this possible but the charm and the history makes them so interesting. The Royal Hawaiian is one of those iconic hotels recognised throughout the world for both the design and the colour. I have wanted to go there since watching these films as a kid.


Moana Surfrider

The Moana Surfrider was the first hotel built in the area and opened in 1901. Between the Moana and the Royal the position of Oahu’s number one hotel has been held most often by these two hotels. Both have distinctive architecture that epitomises Hawaiian culture with verandahs and high ceilings. In the 1930’s the builders of the Royal Hawaiian bought the Moana. The end of the war saw the growth of Hawaii and tourism grow at a phenomenal rate. With the introduction of planes as a means for passenger transportation meant that it was now accessible indeed.

I’ve been tipped into cocktails and lobster tails here. I will be looking forward to such treats.

Outrigger Waikiki

For this upcoming trip we have selected the Outrigger Waikiki for our accommodation Waikiki. This is a Honolulu based hotel chain and was started in 1947. Their hotels are spread throughout the Pacific and recently through Asia and the Pacific. The company opened in December 2006,Waikiki Beach Walk, a $535 million, hotel-retail-entertainment complex. Unknown to my husband they offer ‘free’ vow renewal services. Wouldn’t that just be the loveliest way to celebrate your holiday? An added bonus is I have the perfect excuse for a new dress! I will continue to ponder this prior to our trip.

Blue Crush

As a girl and a lover of the water, this movie is hard not to like. What’s more it is set in Hawaii! The resort the movie was set in has closed down. I am not sure for redevelopment or what reason but I couldn’t stay there. Gutted! Many of the scenes are played out on the North Shore of the island and we are staying on the North Shore for a few days. I can’t wait to check in to Turtle Bay Resort and watch my sons learn to ride a wave. This movie only highlights all the things about Hawaii I want to experience. Fun, friendship and love. Love for the beauty of the place but also those travelling with me, my family. I can’t wait to ride waves with my kids and lap up the sunshine.

Other Hawaiian sites

Waikiki Beach looking toward Diamond Head is the opening of the movie Blue Hawaii. The changes in Waikiki and development are amazing but the beach is still the same place. I am looking forward to standing in the same place. I will aim to fit in a hike to Diamond Head during our stay.

Haunama Bay was also used in the Blue Hawaii movie and is now a popular snorkelling spot. Experiencing Oahu is only complete with a trip to Haunama Bay.


The Ala Wai Yacht Harbor was the set for Girls! Girls! Girls! The Polynesian Cultural Center was the location for the movie Paradise Hawaiian Style and you can still enjoy the same canoe ride that Elvis is filmed during the movie. Incidentally this is Oahu’s top tourist attraction.

Pearl Harbour is a must do when in Oahu and it will not be left off our list of things to do. My eldest son loves history and I am sure will love sniffing around and discovering all there is to learn and explore. The youngest will just be excited by big ships. A friend has recently just got back and said it is definitely one of the best curated memorials he has been too.

Magnum PI episodes and more recently Hawaii 50 have only built my desire to visit. Jurassic Park is another movie with breathtaking scenery to further build inspiration and desire. I get that huge numbers of tourists visit every year, but there has to be a reason for that? I can’t wait to be there in October and explore the tourist traps and potentially find some hidden wonders off the tourist track (if that is at all possible)

Do you have any Oahu tips? Know of any Aussie style coffee joints?



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