Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane.

Our directions leader for the morning

image image image image image image image image imageRoma Street Parkland is a wonderful parkland are a right in the heart of Brisbane. The serpentine paths that run throughout are great for releasing some little-boy energy. They are centrally located and easy to get to. I think there are better parks in Brisbane for kids but when you are in the city or in need of meeting in the city, you can’t bet this park. Click here for further information on the history of the park.

If you are rushing to get there and think you can get a coffee once there. Don’t bother. Brisbane hasn’t yet really caught up with the sophisticated coffee palates of Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. They will get there, just take a while. They have the cookies in a jar because they must think this is the latest thing. Jars mean your biscuits are stale but like everything else in Brisbane, they’ll get there might just take a while. It’s a shame really as I noticed a lot of mums with small kids using the parklands and playground area to catch up. It’s easily accessible with a pram and there is plenty of parking if you know where to go. Melange Café is one of those places that survives on the number of tourist passing without having to increase their service or their menu. I would describe it as vanilla. Nothing that is going to offend you greatly but at the same time it is not going to change your morning or afternoon – not even by applying coffee to a sleep deprived mum. The coffee was vanilla as well. Ordinary and to be honest my Nespresso machine makes a better one.

We walked from our hotel, about a two or three block walk. My two year old was navigating with the help of a map. Using a two year old for navigation meant we took the long route! Never mind we got there. I sat in the sun and enjoyed the change on temperature form Sydney to Brisbane and watched the boys as they raced around the play equipment. I genuinely find urban parks about as interesting as hitting my head repetitively with the palm of my hand. You know the plastic equipment some man on the council has ordered from a catalogue with no thought to if they were covering toddlers and pre-schoolers as well as older kids in the selection they have made. I have only ever bene to one park that inspired me. St Kilda Adventure Playground in Melbourne. Click here to read more about it.

Roma Street Parklands has a lake, waterfalls and spirting fountains, a bamboo corridor and a fern walk. There are two playground areas. Use the map. It’s easy to find the lower parts of the park but easy to miss the higher side. If you have access to a ball take than with you as there are open areas to kick a ball around. I have been here a few times. It is a great meeting place if you are staying on one side of the city and the people you want to meet are on the other. It is convenient to the city hotels and you can hail a cab with ease on your return for those tired little legs.

TIP – Pack food – you read my review on the café. You will be able to find lots of bubblers for fresh water. It’s a lovely outdoor space that would be best enjoyed with delicacies brought from Fortitude Valley instead.



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  1. Roma parklands has to be one of Brisbane’s hidden gems. People forget about the place, its so nice and peaceful & very accessible. Great article!

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