Top Disneyland Tips for young children.

I shared my friend’s story of her visit to Disneyland with the ins and outs. Click here to read about her story. These ‘pearls of wisdom’ or top pieces of advice, needed to be weeded out from her story to a blog of their own. The information was too valuable to be lost. Be sure to read these to ensure you get the best from your day at Disneyland too.

Nightly shows.
Nightly shows.

Michelle’s best tips for doing Disney with young children:

  • Kids under 3 are free ( Michelle went for Oliver’s 3rd birthday and because he was 2 when we entered the park for the first time he was free the entire trip admission and food)
  • Kids’ meals do not come with fries. Meals are served with carrots or apple slices
  • You can buy ‘Kids Power’ packs that come with banana, carrot sticks, apple slices and yoghurt with a chocolate milk or water.
  • Being at the parks when it opens will be the least crowded part of the day. You get more done in the first 2 hours that I can explain. 80% of the Disneyland crowds arrive at the park at around 11am.
  • Cars Land in California Adventure is a not to miss It’s so life like you actually feel like you are in Radiator Springs living the life.
  • FastPass use it – its also free also saves waiting in long lines
  • Eat meals outside the usual meal time hours if we have a booked dining reservation in the park. We get a 1130am reservation. Most sit down places open around that time and it avoids waiting too long to be seated and order.
  • Swim breaks at the hotel are excellent to prevent melt downs and extra time to relax your feet
  • Night time shows like Paint the Night & World of Colour are definitely worth it to see but consider doing the dining package so you do not have to get a spot hours and hours before hand (Paint the Night – we scoped out our spot last year 5 hours in advance)
Holiday Candy Canes being rolled ready to be given to people who lined up and got a wrist band and prepaid – limited numbers available
Holiday Candy Canes being rolled ready to be given to people who lined up and got a wrist band and prepaid – limited numbers available

Food and dining.

Disneyland and California Adventure doesn’t need to be all rides and meeting Mickey Mouse. We experience all the wonderful food delights they have to offer. It’s not all junk food. Some of our favourites are:

  • Churros
  • Bread Bowls from Pacific Wharf Bakery in California Adventure
  • Candy made fresh on site (you can watch it being made )
  • Bread made fresh on site (can even tour the bakery and try samples)
  • Cove Bar In California Adventure – used to be a secret spot recently had to double in size to cater the high interest (Cocktails and food our non child lunch stop) the view at Cove bar is one of the best of the park
  • Turkey Legs

I will be visiting myself in September so I will be able to give you confirmation of these valuable tips. I certainly wasn’t aware of booking meals and confirming spots for the night parade. Yikes. I really need to get myself organised.

What are your top tips for visiting Disneyland?


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