St Tropez with baby.

I can’t be everywhere despite my desire and longing to do so. I wish I was enjoying a European summer but instead I am in Sydney in this artic chill. We are also heading overseas in September and one long haul flight with children is enough for the next few months at least. This is the first of a series of ‘travel quizzes’ where my friends have been to amazing places and willing to share their knowledge gained.

Dragging a baby around the world for 3 weeks is no small task, especially when baby is such a new addition. For this family spending time with family residing oversees was the goal and the purpose. Sometimes you just got to go where your loves are.

Where was your last family holiday destination?

Our last family holiday was mainly spent in St Tropez, France in June. We spent two weeks in St Tropez at my brother in laws house with my mum and sister and then had 3 nights in London at my sisters home and 2 nights in Kuala Lumpur with some friends before heading home.

Who travelled with you?

My husband, mum and I travelled together from Sydney with our 4 month old daughter. We spent time mainly with my sister and her partner. My husband, daughter and I then travelled home to Adelaide together.

How did you book it?

Luckily my mum works in travel so she did all the hard work organising the trip.

Top three things you did?

  1. Relaxed by the pool with family and friends.
  2. Ate snails, beef bourguignon and daily croissants. Bon appetit!
  3. Although we joke about this a lot because it was quite an epic journey, we had a lot of fun driving back with my sister from St Tropez to London.

Top three things you packed?

We purchased a Phil and Teds travel bassinet and this was incredibly handy as we slept in a total of 6 different places including a few hotel stop overs. It meant our little one had her same bed the whole time and we could bring the blankets we knew fitted it and didn’t have to worry about organising a cot. We also could set her up anywhere. In KL we even carried her from apartment to apartment across a courtyard still asleep in her bed!

The ergo carrier was a big help in particular at the airport when juggling lots of bags. We used this a lot too when out exploring as it was much easier to negotiate cobblestone streets then a pram, plus we weren’t worried about naps as she frequently fell asleep in it while we wondered around.

The final thing I loved was a dummy clip. We used the dummy a lot on the plane to help with her ears but the first flight we didn’t have the clip and constantly lost the dummy to the floor, but next time round we were much better prepared and the dummy didn’t get very far.

What would you change next time? Would you do anything differently?

We bought our bugaboo pram which I love at home but we found that we barely used it while away. This was mainly because we used the ergo carrier when exploring and when we headed out to lunch she was mostly passed from person to person. I wouldn’t have bought this if I had known as it was a pain to lug around, even in the bugaboo travel bag. I would instead have preferred to have hired one for our trip. We hired a car seat and this made life far easier.

I would also have considered time differences and time of flights a little better for our journey home. We stopped off in KL to see some friends which was wonderful but we were all so jet lagged we didn’t get to enjoy it quite as much. Perhaps if we had stopped there on the way over the time difference wouldn’t have affected us as much. We also had a few flights at night time which seemed like a good idea in theory but babies don’t sleep that well on planes, way too many distractions. Plus even when she did catch some zzz’s, we barely did. So daytime flying is my suggestion with little people.

Finally, I would consider bringing a breast pump if breastfeeding. I found the munchkin adapted to jetlag fairly quickly but my boobs did not. So after 3 or 4 nights when she was back to sleeping through, I was waking at 2am with very eager boobs. I purchased a hand held pump to get a bit of relief which worked a treat and after about a week all was back in sync.

Have you been to St Tropez? With a baby? I would personally just like to go…. alone… but my babies are a little older. Thank you Darling Nikki and Miss Tilly for sharing- secretly wishing I was small enough to be your luggage! St tropez 1 St tropez 2 St tropez 3 St tropez 4 St tropez 5 St tropez 6 St tropez 7 St tropez 9 St tropez 10 St tropez 11


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