24 Hours In London with a Baby

I can’t be everywhere and I am often green with envy as my girlfriends pack their bags and head off to enjoy the wonders of the world. My lovely friend Amy, was recently in London with her youngest, leaving the two older girls at home. It’s not easy travelling with bub and travelling alone is a brave choice. When there is a wedding to be a part of, you sometimes don’t even think about what you’re setting out for yourself but rather just being a loving and adoring friend. Towing baby along is just logistics!

I asked Amy a few questions to help her jot down her travel tips in the haze if baby and two lively elder sisters. Enjoy these travel notes.  I will add a tip of my own – whilst you may not be able to pop into Ottolenghi, you can buy his amazing cookbook to enjoy some treats at home. Click here to purchase one. Even better news – there is more than one cookbook.

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Last/best/ family holiday ? I jetted off to the UK to celebrate one of my best friend’s tying the knot. I decided to take along my littlest for a quick zip across the pond. We had 24 hours in London before heading off to the English countryside.

Where did you go? London

Who travelled with you? Just me and my little guy  (seven months – youngest of three)

How did you book it? I used the app ‘hopper’ to help me predict the best time to book my flights. I always make sure I use a private browsing window to do my final booking to ensure I am getting the best deal. For flights I prefer a day flight with a baby under one year old – if they are unsettled or crying it doesn’t disturb your neighbors and there is no pressure for them to sleep. I also always call the customer service line to request a bassinet at the time I book my ticket – first dibs 😉

Where did you stay? With a baby I needed somewhere that had a basic kitchen for preparing/cleaning baby food, bottles etc. I stayed at 88 Studios –  which was clean, affordable and had a full kitchen in each studio. Fabulous location right near Holland Park and walking distance to Kensington, Hyde Park and Notting Hill. It was better value than many of the air bnb places I short listed.

london 2 London 5

Top three thing you did? I was blessed with warm and dry weather (unusual for London!) so we had a wonderful day mooching around Notting Hill in the morning, popped in to I Love Gorgeous a very cute girls boutique in Notting Hill to buy some pressies for my big girls, before choosing some amazing picnic lunch items from Ottolenghi to nosh on in Hyde Park. I think it’s essential to find the large green spaces when having a city break with mini’s so they can get their quota of fresh air and space (and helps with the jet lag!). My little guy still naps in the stroller so while he was sleeping a took a stroll around the shops and then had another park play in Holland Park before a quick sushi dinner. An ideal day!

Top three things you pack? Acceptance that traveling with kids no matter what age brings it’s own challenges (but also bucket loads of fun). I never leave the country without kids panadol, thermometer and a dummy clip!

Tips? One thing I forgot to confirm with the hotel was if they had a bath – they only had a shower which was a bit tricky.

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