Taronga Zoo Sydney with the best views you can find. 

This is Darwin – isn’t he just the sweetest.

image image image imageTaronga Zoo happens to be on our doorstep so we visit a lot. We have an annual membership and we get there as much as we can throughout the year. It’s a great place to entertain toddlers and pre-schoolers. It is a great afternoon treat for school age. For adults, there is the mesmerising Sydney Harbour views to thrill you at every turn. The giraffes seriously have the best view in the house. Taronga Zoo opens at 10.00am each day and you can get to the zoo by bus or ferry from the city. For those with a car there is a car-park. If you want to avoid the cost you can try to find a park on the street within a 5-10 minute walk. If you don’t like zoo’s because you can’t stand to see animals in small cages then this is the place you need to go to understand why zoo’s can help rather than hinder. Taronga Zoo is a non-profit organisation and as such they spend a bomb of money throughout the world helping where animals in serious need of help. Taronga have a sister zoo based in central New South Wales, Dubbo zoo. They have had such amazing success with breeding bison that they now export them back to America! This is a zoo that is being a zoo for the right reasons.

What you need to see: If you are an international visitor then I would suggest you need to book a koala encounter. It will give you a souvenir to take home with you. You do not need to worry the zoo does not drug the koalas so they are calm. Koalas are generally so zonked out from all the eucalyptus leaves they consume that they sleep ALOT. They generally sleep for between 18-20 hours a day and they are nocturnal. The zoo simple manoeuvre a koala into a fork of a tree at photo height and they will alternate between animals throughout the day. You are not able to touch them but you will get a photo next to them.

I would recommend feeding the giraffe’s. They have such unexpected purple and cool tongues that you will delight in this encounter. A giraffe’s tongue is actually similar to a corkscrew. Their long purple comes out of their mouth and wraps around the treat like a boa constrictor climbing a tree branch, round and round. The giraffe then pulls the tongue back in with a firm grip on their treat. Young kids can squeal with delight or with fright. Either way it is worth the attempt.

I love the bear. I love the penguins. I love the seals. I love the birds. I love the lemurs.

Walk down the hill and catch the sky cable back up to the top. The food outlets over a large variety of snacks and food that caters to all. They have healthy snacks and there is drinking water throughout the zoo. There are many places to pull up a picnic blanket and enjoy the surrounds.

You’ll love Taronga as an animal lover and conservationist you will appreciate all the education efforts and conservation the zoo is involved in. They really are a world leader in zoological parks. 



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