Day Trip Brisbane – Activities Galore at Tangalooma Island

Tangalooma Island Tangalooma Island Tangalooma Island Tangalooma Island Tangalooma Island Tangalooma IslandTangalooma IslandTangalooma is possibly one of the most beautiful little places I have ever been to. The abundance of wildlife is  confirmation of its beauty.


The Activities list is certainly varied and extensive. For me it was hard to go past the dolphin feeding as it was the number one attraction for me. I was travelling with my Mum and Dad and my two boys so finding activities to suit all of us was easy. There was a lot to choose from.  We decided to do a fish feeding your and the dolphin feeding. We had planned to hire kayaks but the wind had come up on the day we had scheduled that making paddling for kids difficult and unenjoyable.  Instead we watched the pelicans being fed. Travelling with a 2 year old limits what you can do. Travelling also with my parents create just as many limitations.

Small children through to teenagers and you will not be short of activities to do. The resort have 2 trampolines for those days when the rain sets in and you just need to release some energy quickly. The fish feeding was fabulous. The island is home to a family of dugongs about 150 of them. Dugongs! Green turtles and so may fish. Kayaking around the wrecks in the clear kayaks was a treat. The highlight was most definitely the dolphin feeding. I could honestly have fed them night after night and line up in the cold. The staff are all happy and helpful and delighted to find you activities to suit.

To be truthful the sunset was my other highlight and possibly the my main reason for enjoying the dolphin feeding. The sunset started in all shades of gold and gave such a feeling of warmth and beauty. It didn’t stop there it just continued to get more spectacular. The sky was a brilliant cerise and royal purples. The clouds rippled with the most spectacular hues and the best thing. You didn’t need to book. A sunset is free and I can hand on heart confirm the money I spent being there with my parents in tow was absolutely worth it just for the sunset with or without the dolphin feed. Be more organised than me and walk down the beach and snap the sunset as it goes down behind the wrecks. You can gram that photo!

When I visited in June the water sports had a package for 3 hours paddleboard hire, kayak hire for similar time frame, and snorkel hire for $99. The deal was valid over 2 days. That’s a great deal if you were able to get out and about during your stay.

The photos from the air are fabulous. You always look at the cost of joy flights and think they are pricey. They are. I won’t lie. But, imagine being up above the island and looking down at the turquoise waters and seeing humpback whales. Then, the overpriced tourist activity is definitely worth it.

Tangalooma Island has so much for so many people. I for one can’t wait to visit again. The investment they have put into renovating their food and beverage are is going to make a huge difference to the island. I will be making sure on my next visit I do the longer fish feeding so we get to see more than one turtle and one dugong. I will also be making sure I get to one of the beaches on the eastern side of the island to enjoy an afternoon without crowds. Tangalooma is an amazing place right off the coast of Brisbane. I will be visiting again. I will be ensuring my two year is old enough to jump on the kayaks with me. (and help paddle)

Click here to see the kids and I feeding Tinkabelle.



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