Featherdale Wildlife Park, Amazing Australian Animals

Featherdale Wildlife Park is awesome. If you want to see the Australian Wildlife not many places have such an intimate experience with our fauna.

Line up for a photo opportunity with a koala. As long as the park is not crowed the staff generously let you use several cameras and take a few shots. The koalas look healthy and very content which is the best sign to reassure you that they are well fed and taken care of.

TIP – You’ll notice most people make a beeline for the koalas. The park is small enough to come back without too much of an issue.

Featherdale Wildlife Park is not only a hands-on wildlife experience but also an authentic experience. Located 40 minutes west of the Sydney CBD, Featherdale offers the opportunity to interact with over 1,700 creatures of birds, mammals and reptiles.  I have been to several zoos in Australia and despite the animals are not in huge enclosures you do not feel concerned for their welfare. All the animals seem to be well fed and thriving in this environment. The park run several conservation and breeding programs by which they support various endangered breeds by allowing them to breed in an environment free from the diseases affected many of the animals in their natural habitat.

Featherdale Wildlife Park is well catered for small children and prams. You will be able to get around with ease and enjoy your time. I will definitely be back. Perhaps with overseas guests in tow, but I will be happy to visit again as this is truly the best place to see all the Australian animals in one place. You will not regret your visit. I have included the presentation times form the Featherdale website, this will help you plan your visit around the particular animals you want to see.


All Day Koala Sanctuary – Cuddle up to a Koala at no extra charge
All Day Hand feed Kangaroos, Wallabies, Poteroos and Pademelons for just $2!
9am – 10am Rapt in reptiles
10am & 2.30pm A Prickly Encounter with Echidnas
10.15am (Summer months only!) Crocodile Feeding
10.30am & 3.45pm Little Penguins at Play
11am Pelican
2.45pm Flying Foxes
3.15pm Dingo Feeding
4pm Tasmanian Devil Feeding

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I will definitely be back. Overseas guests will love a trip to Featherdale Wildlife Park (infact my friend’s in France recognised the park as soon as I posted photos) . I suggest a pit stop on the way to the mountains. Sure makes you arrive in the mountains later but trust me, worthy of the hours spent. I would suggest allowing 1-2 hours to wander around and truly make sure you see everything you want to see but also allow you some time to feed the animals and interact.

Featherdale Wildlife Park
photo courtesy of Featherdale.com.au

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