National Maritime Museum, a Fabulous Day out for Kids in Sydney

Having had so many overseas people visit us in the past years, you are reminded how little you actually see of your own city when they come home of tales of some neck of the wood they have been to and you haven’t. We had friends in town recently who were home from Chicago and they certainly made sure they saw everything we all love about the city while they were here. Having being sufficiently shamed, I decided to get out there and see more of my city than my little bubble. It’s so easy to fall into everyday life and forget we live on the doorstep of one of the best harbours in the world.

I planned an adventure.

We’d done a few walks over the past few weeks so I decided to add some culture. We were off to the Maritime Museum to learn about pirates. Horrible Histories had created a pirate exhibition which was presently showing at the museum. A fabulous excuse to get to the museum to see the rest of the exhibitions.

My favourite part of this place is all the old guys who volunteer and spend their days sharing their knowledge with you. They also have numerous terrible jokes for kids.

What biscuits do pirates eat?

Arrrrrnott’s (an Australian brand of biscuits)

 The inside is air-conditioned and a welcome break from the heat outside. I suggest visiting the ships first. In fact I think the ticket counter will suggest that too. My boys loved looking around on a submarine and a retired destroyer. The fact that the ships name was HMAS Vampire made it twice as exciting.

I am not sure if you are familiar with the Horrible Histories brand. Do a quick search and there is a plethora of information, a dozen YouTube clips of skits, the link to their site, magazine and range of figurines. You get the idea. Originally a BBC production, they really are genius in getting kids to relate to history.

Their museum display didn’t fail to entertain. From the moment the kids walked in the exhibit was interactive and entertaining. It was advertised for kids 6 plus but my 2 year old loved it, and I think most of the exhibit suited 4-8. Just an opinion. Air pressured cannons with foam balls will surely entertain most kids ( and Dad’s) Splatting running rats? Most entertaining. There’s no doubt it’s a great exhibit. My boys could of enjoyed double the exhibit if they had the chance. We came dressed in pirate hats so I did not need to purchase any of the pirate paraphernalia on sale. Lucky me!

If you don’t make time to visit galleries and museums at home- try to, it’s a pleasant discovery and nice to see your home town through the eyes of a tourist. I am now one step to being less shamed from my Australian friends presently dwelling in Chicago.


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