Universal Studios Singapore

I’m running round and round the globe, waiting for tourists to get out of my way, desperate to get back to Australia, Arrgghhhhh… Then finally I got the shot. Oh the holiday memory of visiting Universal sealed forever from an over produced happy snap. On the flip side, not every happy snap has a dialogue behind it.

Universal Studios, Singapore is easily accessible from the city on Sentosa Island. (Actually, if you intending a longer stay in Singapore being located in Sentosa could be the right thing for you.- I’ve inserted a map for reference) The Sentosa Island website is full of information relating to attractions and hotels.

We only needed 2-3 hours to see the whole park. Yep- the whole park! A friend who lives in Singapore tipped us into a special ticket type – An Express Pass. Locals don’t seem to pay the extra $ for it and our experience found this to be true. This ticket gives you access to every ride once via an express queue. Additional turns are accessed through the normal queue. Everyone else can line up for 40-60 minutes to get on a ride and you walk straight on! Genius idea!

There are 7 zones at Universal Studios Singapore and each is unique. Madagascar. Lost World. Far Far Away. Sci-Fi City. Ancient Egypt. New York. Hollywood. The rides are both thrilling, and exhilarating. 18 out of the 24 movie-themed rides were designed just for the Singapore park. Shame – well, I loved the Jurassic Park ride it was thrilling but not petrifying and I would love to do it at other parks.

Take a walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the Hollywood zone, before moving into New York. Here the zone is filled with city skylines, and a subway entrance.

To make your knees turn to jelly – you must go on TRANSFORMERS The Ride in the Sci-Fi City Zone. This is a 3D Battle ride where you fight evil forces in 3D combat.  I would rest before tackling the Ancient Egypt ride where you have mummies and scarab beetles on an indoor roller coaster in total darkness complete with heat and mist and other sensations. My son loved roller-coasters until he went on this ride – I think it may of been a little too much.

The other rides in this zone are rather tame compensating for the thrill or total nightmare – depending which way you look at it. Madagascar, has my heart as not only do I love those movies and the spin off series but it is more my speed. They say to be prepare to be drenched in a wet river boat ride, we did get damp but hardly drenched! I got wetter in the Jurassic Park ride.

There are thousands of souvenirs to buy after each zone and themed accordingly. The souvenir shops didn’t have an express zone so there were often large queues and closer to the front gate was bedlam. Furthermore, I had hired a locker at the front gate so I had conveniently left my wallet in the locker, hence I avoided carrying around tonnes of souvenirs. Clever me!

It’s a great half day out. If you don’t want to pay the extra bucks for an Express Pass it may take a little longer. Some would argue that the extra bucks spent on the Express pass mean you need to stay longer to get your money’s worth at Universal Studios Singapore. In my mind, every cent was worth it for the express pass.  It’s an easy cab (taxi) ride from the city. I’d happily return on my next visit to Singapore, for nothing more than the joy on my child’s face (I may of enjoyed 1-2 rides..) for 3 hours straight.

Would I go back? Of course – in a heart beat. But, I would like to try other Universal Studios first. Don’t think of Singapore as a stopover destination, it is so much more and you can really have a good time here for all members of the family. It’s a great destination and Universal Studios is definitely a must visit on any length of trip. In conclusion our favourite ride was the Jurassic Park ride.


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