Legoland California Where Lego is Large

Here we are booking a holiday in Hawaii and suddenly we have added LEGOLAND California , Disneyland and Universal Studios in California. Legoland California just seemed like the right thing to add given we have LEGO mad kids. Legoland California

TIP – when booking make sure you confirm the water park is operating on the day of your visit. Having been to Legoland Malaysia last year we were going more for the waterpark than actual LEGOLAND California. The waterpark is only open on weekends outside of summer periods. And yes, we visited on a Friday!

Note/thought to consider – LEGOLAND California is primarily targeted at a young crowd. You won’t find hectic rides here and the rides are typically marketed for children still reading nursery rhymes or just older. Now with that said there is a Ninjago Ride but of course it was closed on our visit.

Tip – if you are planning a theme park tour of California – start at Legoland as it would not be easy to enjoy this park after Disney or Universal. It may seem lame in comparison yet is certainly enjoyable beforehand.

Tip – Legoland California is not in San Diego but rather half way between Anaheim and San Diego (well almost) I recommend a day at Legoland and then driving further north to your next destination.

Legoland is not large and you will be able to see all the park in a day granted you don’t run into large crowds. It has many trees providing shade from the California sun. (If you go in summer you will understand how important this is)

Legoland CaliforniaLegoland CaliforniaLegoland California
My 3 year old loved all the rides and the entire park. There are a few rides where he couldn’t ride because of height restrictions. Given recent tragedies at amusement parks I would recommend sticking to these yourself. Mostly he went on everything he wanted to.

I’m still baffled how one ride had an age restriction – you had to be over 4. Seemingly kids go on these Lego horses around a train like track alone and Legoland deem 4 as the age. Parents obviously lie and there were what were clearly much younger children getting off but as I’m an honest person (or rather I hadn’t read the age limiting sign) my son wasn’t allowed on. I get it, but to avoid the kerfuffle yourself get your story straight as you line up? It’s a Knight related ride. (Yes my details are amazing aren’t they)

Next tip – the children’s adventure playground. You will loose your child. 100% guaranteed so he prepared to stick one adult at the front blocking exits – I recommend this not being a male who is supposedly ensuring the child doesn’t get past them, yet they are surfing their phone. Single parents – go in!

Legoland CaliforniaLegoland California
There is a water area in the main park so if you have kids who love getting wet and hate being wet, pack a change of clothes! There are family sized driers at a cost.

Do I recommend? Yes for LEGO mad kids and families with younger kids. Disney in comparison is way more of a stimulator of senses and there are loads of rides But they are faster, bigger, more crowded and generally much more exhausting. Legoland on the other hand is lovely and calm and a nice introduction to ‘how-to-do-theme parks’. If you have LEGO mad kids over 8, a trip to the shop will be more exciting. I’m not saying they don’t like it but for cost, effort v’s result ratio, spend your $ and time elsewhere.

Would I make the trip from LA just for it? No. Having said I think people make the mistake of thinking LA is where you need to spend your time when visiting California. No people. San Diego is where you should spend your time apart from 3-4 days in Anaheim and Universal Studios. There is so much to do and see for families, you would be easily entertained in San Diego for a week or more.

Legoland CaliforniaLegoland CaliforniaLegoland CaliforniaLegoland California


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