What’s on Your Travel Bucket List?

What’s on your travel bucket list? It’s nice to have dreams and a list of things in your head that you can think about and look forward to. It’s nice to collaboratively discuss this with your kids. You learn what they like and what they don’t. Ever since we went to Jamala Wildlife Lodge my son’s expectations of luxury are much higher.

My son gave me a bucket list book for Mother’s Day. I’ve always written it in a scrap of paper previously but this asks you to add the destination and write what it is you hope it to be ad then having been there write what was great. I have also started a family bucket list this year. My eldest is turning ten this year and my youngest turning four. They both contribute in different ways and it is hung on the wall.

The important things to realise is that a bucket list by definition doesn’t have to be achieved but rather a collecting of dreams rather than tangible goals. It is a list of things you want to achieve or experience. I mention this because our list has places on there that we may not visit for another 10 years but we talk about how we would like to. I find the dreaming and the planning half of the adventure. My husband gets frustrated with my lack of reality and how we cannot go everywhere. I am not asking to all at once, but yes, we can go to a great many places if we go without other things to achieve these dreams.

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As a result my bucket list is expansive and it can be broken into this year and within 5 years, then beyond that. I also have a bucket list of places I would like to go with the family, with my husband and with my sisters, my girlfriends. There are places and activities my husband would rather die than do, so for me to go I may even go alone. I’m okay with that.

Australian Bucket list (this is actually family as well)

• Kakadu National Park
• Uluru
• Kanagroo Island
• Ningaloo Reef
• Hamilton Island
• Cocos Islands

Family Bucket list

• African safari inclusive of Okavango Delta and Serengeti National Park
• Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park
• Italy – inclusive of a house in Tuscany and Sardinia, Amalfi Coast
• Basque Region in France inclusive of Bayonne and San Sebastian, leaving from Barcelona.
• A ski trip that suits non-skiers.
• Alaska with my eldest son.
• National History Museum in New York with my eldest.
• Train across Canada and several days exploring Vancouver.
• Experience a sleep over the Australian Museum
• Hire a Mustang for a day and head off for lunch somewhere breathtaking.

With my sisters / and their children

• Shopping trip to New York with just my sisters
• Walking tour of Tasmania
• Norfolk Island with the extended family – Dad wants to go

travel bucket list


• Spain – rent a villa and visit the sites, cook wonderful meals after days by the pool. Explore the local region and enjoy laughs and adventures looking amazing.


• New York – just wandering and not planning too much so that we are run off our feet but more so we can enjoy the sites and drink on roof tops if we choose.
• Road trip around the South of USA. Including Carolina, and ending in Austin, Texas.
• Masters in Augusta and Kentucky Derby.
• Cuba and Miami.
• The Bahamas – either a mix of cruise and sites or just sites.
• Paris
• Amsterdam
• Monaco
• Lake Como
• Copenhagen
• The Maldives
• Celebrate our 10 year anniversary with a Re-moon.
• Be able to afford to travel when we are retired.


• Connecticut and Cape Cod
• Walking holiday in New Zealand
• Bicycle tour of the Dalmatian Coast
• Photography trip to Alaska
• India/ Sri Lanka adventure

Some ideas on how to create a bucket list

Click here to be direct to Bucketlistly. Bucketlistly is a website and an app that is easy to use/ edit with easy tick button additions to your bucket list.

Click here for the best iOS app to create your bucketlist. I don’t know about you but public transport is key for dreaming in my mind.(or wishing you were anywhere else)

An alternative app that is free of charge –click here.

Click here for a website/ app version used by my favourite blogging duo. My favourite Insta account by far and more, has signed on as an Ambassador of this concept. Both of their accounts are amazing and neither of them haggle themselves, but when you have over 4.4 million followers you can afford to be fussy. I say what is good enough for Jack and Lauren is good enough for me.

What is on your bucket list? We would love to hear about what is on your bucket list, send in your ideas.

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