Book Review – Capital, John Lancaster

CapitalSometimes you find a book that you can’t put down. Sometimes I find I have finished that amazing story in far too short a time.

Why this book?

I didn’t have a reason to read this other than it was on my local book shops ‘must read’ list. Sometimes I do that, I just plunge into a book from an author I know nothing about. Sometimes I am glad for my recklessness and other times I am greatly disappointed. More often than not my disappointment is from NY Times best-selling author sticker’s or worse, Oprah’s Book Club.

The book of choice

Capital by John Lanchester.

The book is set in a fictional street in Clapham in 2008 after the global financial crisis. The story follows residents in the street in a time of much tension. I won’t give much away but you follow the story with a large range of characters from differing backgrounds. The twist will delight you and the old motto ‘be careful what you wish for’ screams as you put the book down.

The Author

John was born in Hamburg. He was brought up in the Far East and educated in England. If that is not interesting enough to create stories his first novel, THE DEBT TO PLEASURE, published by Picador in 1996, won the Whitbread First Novel Award, the Betty Trask Prize and the Hawthornden Prize. Having proved he can write he can also had flavour and substance to his writing through experience gained in working as a football reporter, obituary writer, book editor, restaurant critic, and deputy editor. At the London Review of Books he is a contributing editor. He is a regular contributor to the New Yorker. He is most definitely qualified in writing ability.

Why should you read it?

A 6-part adaptation of his novel CAPITAL was shown on the BBC in autumn 2015. This does not of course mean anything more than the BBC thought this story out of potentially thousands was a good story to make into a series. I would like to think the BBC may in fact employ a department of people hunting for stories that are entertaining and interesting. The story hasn’t been told before and there is a chance for a broad range of characters to be developed.

Capital does do all of that. Entertains and gives you a range of characters to relate to. There is a twist which inevitably means you will be surprised, further enhancing your enjoyment level.

In Summary

Read it. It’s a great book. Not many books get made into movies or series. Books that do have a very strong story. That doesn’t mean every book that has been made into a movie is a great read but it does mean that a large number of people had to like it for it to be turned into a different genre.


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