Travel apps for planning

There are travel apps to use while you are away and on the go and then there are apps to help you get there. Here is a list for deals and planning.

I certainly think travel apps have revolutionalised trip planning. They take out the pain and give you information at your fingertips that allows you to make educated decisions about rates, prices and tours. There is an app for almost anything but trawling through the rubbish and finding the valuable ones is difficult. This list should make it easier for you.

I Know the Pilot

This travel app sends updates for flight sales to anywhere. Yesterday I saw flights to Sweden for $707 return. Say what? Yes, admittedly this was flying on Uzbekistan Airways but still, getting to Europe for less than $1,000, say what? For anyone outside of Australia, travel for us is expensive as we are Down Under. It’s a long way for us to go anywhere. Sure we can be in New Zealand in two hours but who wants to do that? We don’t get why you do. There was a time when flying to the US or to Europe was about $3,000 return. With airlines operating cheaper and smarter we can now get to both continents for under $2,000 depending upon when you travel.

I digress. I Know the Pilot will send you alerts and updates of deals for flights. It is not all cheap airlines but reputable airlines as well. Today they have flights to Paris (return) on Singapore Airlines for $778.

Click here for more information. This is an Australian based site.

travel apps for planning

Luxury Escapes

‘The Luxury Escapes team has been working in travel for years, we live it and breathe it. Luxury Escapes, complemented by our informative digital travel magazine and video reviews, is dedicated to providing the very best in luxury travel, getaways, exclusive special offers and accommodation packages to some of the most luxurious holiday destinations on earth, at a price that is obtainable. We feature a selection of exclusive special offers at insider prices to destinations Australia-wide, as well as Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, Fiji, Mexico, Europe and more; our list of spectacular holiday destinations is growing every day.

Our exclusive special offers are generally available for a week (with travel periods of around one year). So whether you are after a spa holiday in Phuket, foodies tour of Vietnam, or a family trip to Disneyland, sign up to Luxury Escapes for an email notification when an exclusive partner offer is released. Members of Luxury Escapes receive an email update as soon as a new holiday travel deal is launched – because some travel deals are very limited, members will always get the first chance to purchase the special offers at insider prices. Membership is free, you just need to provide a valid email address.

Our curated selection of luxury travel including resort holidays, tours and cruises is complemented by our entertaining digital travel magazine and video reviews, designed to provide our members with the best tips, trips and travel advice.’ Click here for more information.

Sorry – I cheated by copying what they have on their site. It was just so well explained. Basically they get such amazing deals through volume. These hotels say these dates between here and there are not full capacity and we want you to sell 2000 packages for 7 nights between those dates. Luxury Escapes then negotiates all of the added extras for you to get the best deal possible. The amount of inclusions are length but do read the fine print.

School holiday periods are often not included in the dates they offer the deals for. If you want to go to Fiji, keep an eye out for a deal before you book. They are often reduced by 50-65%. That is a huge saving. Children are often included and upgrades are possible for daily amounts. The Luxury Escapes Team are meticulous and leave no detail uncovered. You will not be disappointed.

travel apps for planning
Brooklyn Bridge

Skyscanner allows you to set up alerts to keep an eye on the price of an airfare to a destination. By keeping an eye on the airfare you are able to ensure you are aware of what the price of that route and the best price possible.

From their site. ‘Find the best deals, fast. compares hundreds of airlines, across millions of routes to get you the best deals to anywhere you want to go.’

Essentially they pull information from all the airlines into one site. It’s like a comparison site for insurance but for flights.

Click here for further information. This is an Australian based site.


TripCase claims to pull all the data from your emails and put them in the itinerary for you. Travel agents use this app so you have an electronic version of your itinerary with you. I would never just assume that this is happening and make sure all my details are correct.

As far as having all of your information in one place – insurance confirmation numbers, transfer confirmation numbers and booking references, this is an absolute go to. Remember the days of photocopying your itinerary and handing it out to family and placing a set in your bag. Just share via the app! That simple and easy. Click here to download the app.

travel apps for planning

  1. Choose a Holiday Destination – Pick Destinations, Add Dates and Hit Plan!
  2. Add Attractions to the Plan – Choose Top Attractions, Restaurants Worldwide or Add Your Own
  3. Finish off With Booking Ideal Hotels – Search, Compare and Book Hotels From 700,000 Hotels Worldwide!

You have decided you want to take the family to Lake Tahoe. Apart from the lake, you are unaware of what there is to do and see. Enter Lake Tahoe into TripHobo with the amount of time you are staying and watch it select an itinerary for you.

I first used this app before going to New York and found it so useful in grouping nearby attractions together. It would dissect the city so that you weren’t running from one end to the other but also giving you an estimation of the time you needed to see certain attractions. For example, everyone wants to go to Grand Central Station in New York as it is an iconic building. To see this you need to allow 10-15 minutes. Thankyou TripHobo, we can fit that in our way to a Broadway Show.

I have used the app to create a more complex itinerary trying to see as much of Europe as he could in two weeks. It is fantastic for trips with multiple stops and squashing on as much as you can. It will alert you if the attraction is not open at the time you have altered your itinerary to. You can add restaurants and your own things. It’s a travel agent in a computer. Click here for a link – you will use this app so much. I love this app, its navigation is spot on and I look forward to using it planning my Italian holiday next year.

This app already has some itineraries already saved. Got 3 days in Mumbai and not sure wHat to do or where to go – TripHobo. Seriously I wish I had invented it! So useful and so so good.

travel apps for planning


Need to know how long it takes to get from A – B? Travel math can help you know how long the flight is. Great for ensuring you are on the fastest route or how much the overnight is costing you in time.


Now, with the holiday planned and booked, you get to move onto the next task at hand, packing and ensuring you have all the necessary vaccinations and documentation. Travel aps certainly take a lot of pain out of the process. If you want to check details being told to you by a travel agent, many of these apps will help you. If you are not departing for months, relax, you’ve done so much of the planning you can enjoy now.


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