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Who are Luxury Escapes? 

Luxury Escapes packages is a great way to get travelling and a no fuss solution to places you may not of previously thought of. Luxury Escapes is a magazine, an app and a business that provide curated luxury travel deals. The company describes themselves on their site as ‘Luxury Escapes is one of the world’s fastest growing travel businesses, reaching up to 3.2 million unique travellers each month with exclusive offers limited time offers at ‘insider’ prices. So whether it is a spa holiday in tropical Phuket, gourmet tour of Vietnam, stopover in Singapore or a family trip to Sea World you’re looking for, Luxury Escapes has some of the world’s best packages.

Members of Luxury Escapes get email updates as soon as a new deal is launched – because some offers are very limited, members will always get the first chance to purchase. Membership is free, you just need to provide a valid email address

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Luxury Escapes experience

Having been on two different deals now I can vouch for the professionalism of the business and the high level of attention to detail. The company is fastidious in ensuring you have meals, activities and transfers included. Not all meals, all transfers or all activities are included but they use their best negotiation skills to ensure you are well and truly looked after. I can ensure you using all of the vouchers you have and fitting in some day-trips or shopping will mean you won’t have time to do everything. I am not claiming to be an expert, two does not make me that, but I have listened and it is greatly through word of mouth we tried these packages.

Read the fine print

Ensure you read the fine print. If you are travelling with kids, ensure you understand added or extra charges. Our 8 night escape was to Bali for $1,889 for all 4 of us. We wanted to upgrade the room so that added an extra $40 per night and then some of our 10 year olds meals were not included. As long as you know what you are up for and what is included. Turns out having paid for his meals all week, we had extra vouchers for some of the meals we had missed that we could have used.

Vouchers – why?

I don’t understand why hotels and travel companies still use vouchers. It is my opinion that technology has advanced so that we no longer need to waste paper with such things. More importantly we shouldn’t have to walk back to a room for a voucher to pay for dinner. Surely we are cleverer than that by now. Having said, it’s Bali and we are all relaxed.

A friend went with her girlfriend to Hayman Island. They had a great time and the deal they got was a savings of 75%. They didn’t read the fine print re the transport to the island costing approximately $256 each way each. Ordinarily this is factored into price. The bottles of wine on the island, there wasn’t one less than $80. Which makes for big bar bills with a group of 6.

Luxury Escapes savings

In my opinion Luxury Escapes works best by deciding where you would like to go and then keep checking the alerts for a good deal. Bali wasn’t even on our list of places to go but the deal was such a good offer that we jumped at the chance to do something easy and relaxing with the kids that was a great price. Airfares were affordable as we searched for a Bali sale and jumped onto affordable airfares. I am so glad we did as there is so much more to beautiful Bali than drunken Australians on holidays. Sign up for the alerts and get travelling.

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