Book Review – The Little Paris Bookshop, Nina George

Sometimes you pick up a book and you fly through the lovely story so quickly you are left with the disappointment there is not more. This book will have you not only begging for more but daydreaming about what happened to the characters in the book. The author leaves you to fill in the rest of the story.

 Little Paris Bookshop

Why this book?

Despite having originally being written in German, this book has been expertly translated into English.

If you are a romantic or you like a happy story that is both light-hearted and amusing, this book is an enjoyable read. It is not a challenging book and relatively small so not too heavy to pack.

If you enjoy a story about the power of friendship and love. This is a whimsical story that reminds you through heart-ache is the possibility of being mended once more. Th

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The book of choice

This is a charming story about fate and heartache. Jean Perdu runs a bookshop; or rather a ‘literary apothecary’, for this bookseller possesses a rare gift for sensing which books will soothe the troubled souls of his customers. He seems to be able to cure everyone but himself. He sets off and pushes the barge from the banks of the Seine for Province in search of his true love.

The Author

Nina George is a German writer, best known as the author of The Little Paris Bookshop, an international best seller, which has been translated in more than 28 languages as of 2015, and sold in more than 500.000 copies. This is not her first novel and having written 26 books she is not a novice to writing.

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 Little Paris Bookshop

Why should you read it?

Paris. Province. Do I need to say more? Okay, well a barge trip through France. Have you not always dreamt of getting on a barge and floating through France, stopping at various little towns and using your bicycle to get into town for fresh baguettes and fromage? I have and often. This book was essentially already in my head.

I am extra excited to know one can barge all the way from Paris to Province. I had no idea the channels were that numerous. This is a trip that requires time. I don’t think a two week vacation will get you there. Especially given I have to stop daily for baguettes.

In Summary

You will be able to enjoy this book whist looking up to see if the children are enjoying the beach or the pool. It’s a great plane book that you can catch the story whilst being continuously interrupted with your children demands or the airline staff bringing food and snacks.


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