Book Review the Little Breton Bistro, Nina George

Little Breton Bistro


Having read The Little Paris Bookshop and totally devoured the book desperately wanting more and more, there was not a chance I was leaving the bookshop without this book after its release. The author is no novice to writing and has a brilliant translator working with her. Her books are a lovely story to transfer from your day to day to as is the setting in this book, Brittany.

Why this book?

The Little Breton Bistro is a follow up to the Little Paris Bookshop. It is not a sequel and it is not the same characters but it is lovely and delicious much like the earlier book. Click here for a link to obtain your copy.

The book of choice

I have never considered Brittany prior to reading this book. I had but not aware that it was actually Brittany I was considering. Brittany is the north western coastline of France. It has beaches and coastline in abundance and because of the proximity of neighbouring England loads of castles for lovers of castles. The Nantes-Brest canal is worth doing a Google search for. I am packing my bags to walk along the canals and rivers, watch the sunset and enjoy the wonders of France.

The Author

Nina George is a German writer, best known as the author of The Little Paris Bookshop, an international best seller, which has been translated in more than 28 languages as of 2015 and sold in more than 500.000 copies. This is not her first novel and having written 26 books she is not a novice to writing.

Click here for more information about the author.

Why should you read it?

I turned 40. It wasn’t so bad. With turning 40 one starts to reflect and potentially set off on a journey of self-discovery. Some have new beginnings. This is a novel about waking up and deciding to make changes. It is charming and entertaining. In parts the scenes are so beautifully described that you start searching for that Bistro and see if you can reserve a room and a table.

Like all things French, the food is a part of the story and how could the author develop the characters without a love affair with food. Not only is it a love affair with food but a love affair with one self. Marianne blooms in the Breton sun and the colourful characters developed around her become her family.

In Summary

This is a tale about life in France. Does it always seem to you that French people love life? The passion they have is easy to absorb as you turn the pages. This is an ‘anywhere’ book as it is not challenging and emotionally greedy. Your heart will be full having read this little tale.


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