Book Review – Rich People Problems, Kevin Kwan

Rich People Problems is something we all wish we had, or do we? I have to say this is a perfect plane or beach book. Anywhere where you can be constantly interrupted. The type of book that you can put your book down and forget where you were up to so you guess a page, you haven’t missed anything and nor is it difficult to pick up where you left off.

The Author

This is Kevin Kwan’s third novel based on the same characters. You don’t have to read them in order but I am guessing it helps. Kevin is a New York Times best selling author and his novel Crazy Rich Asians is soon to be made into a motion picture. Click here to purchase a copy of the book. Kevin was born in Singapore and move to the United States when he was eleven. For more information about the author and his books, click here.

Why this book?

Cosmopolitan (Cosmo) have a brilliant review of all the characters in these novels. Click here to read the Cosmo review.  Now that you are aware this book was reviewed in Cosmo, you get the picture of what type of reader the book is marketed towards. It is not difficult or challenging reading. You will develop an understanding of the labels that are ferociously popular in the Asian market. If you are anything like me you will this is a complete and utter waste of my time. Over indulged rick kids is not something that fascinates me but rather  bewilders me that in countries with such desperately poor people, there is behaviour like this. It’s fiction and found the lack of social responsibility entertaining but with mixed emotions.

Rich People Problems


Why should you read it?

The novel is based around a family and their behaviour whilst the matriarch of the family is lying on her death bed.  Numerous characters to enjoy include, an ex-wife driven to a psychotic breakdown out of jealousy, a tale of secret love, of forgiveness and vast fortune. The family gather at the family estate to bid farewell and stake their claim on the fortune and the property. There are private planes and descriptions of couture fashion. There are detailed points about expensive European labels, fast cars, luxury resorts, diamonds and decadence. If you are looking for a fairy tale, then potentially this could be of interest. I remain pragmatic and both the descriptions and the story line are just fluff in my mind. 


I only read this novel based on a Vanity Fair list of books you should read this year.  The 3-4 novels on the list that I had read gave me great confidence in their ability to pull together a list of intelligent reads. Yikes, I am now hoping the rest of the books on the list are not like this.

Having painted this novel in some what negative light, we all love an easy read. This book is a light hearted story from with drama for amusement. Page skipping is no problem and you will not need a book mark. At times the story is amusing and almost funny. Kevin doesn’t write in a way that takes this level of wealth seriously, but rather comically. The characters are richly developed building the understanding of each character and their traits even without reading all three books.


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