The world’s most romantic hotels

If we look at the synonyms associated with romance, they are mystery, glamour, excitement, colourfulness, colour, exoticism, and mystique. If we use these words as the basis for a metrics to judge what are the most romantic hotels in the world, I think you will be happy with the results. (secretly I love that colour is associated with romance. Too right! Minimalist hotels be gone!)

To add to the above list, intimacy and privacy need to be considered. When you are on a honeymoon or romantic getaway it is only natural to assume you are all celebrities and will have paparazzi watching your every move, making romance, secret or not somewhat difficult. Privacy takes an upper notch for mere mortals when planning a romantic trip.

Now, are you a beach girl or a snow bunny? Or both? Those of you that struggle in the heat and do not like the sun, perhaps a tropical resort will not be the ideal romantic location for you. There is nothing more romantic than a cosy couch and log fire with glasses of red and a game of cards or perhaps a picnic. Romance has no rules so be considerate in choosing your destination that you both like heat or culture as it may be.

When thinking about the most romantic places your mind goes to Paris, Venice, the Maldives and perhaps the Amalfi coast. Truly romance can happen at the Central Coast (an area outside of Sydney that is lovely and then you turn a corner and it is not) or anywhere. For me I am so desperate to spend time with my husband alone that a plane trip is damn romantic. (There are no interruptions people!)

Another careful consideration for romance is safety. Adventure is erotic sure, but safety creates romance. The below map from the 2017 Global Peace Index shows the safest and least safest places. There has been a 21.4% decline in Global Peacefulness over the last decade. Despite the world becoming easier to get to and travel through, caution and education should be taken. You don’t want to ruin romance for the sake of a little extra care in planning. You be assured any country at risk of unrest has not been included.

For this article, we will go with what the head demands. Mystery, glamour, excitement, colourfulness, colour, exoticism, and mystique. I haven’t reviewed everything – the photos will have to do the talking.

The most romantic hotels in the world. It is without doubt that hundreds have been missed but these are the ones that have appeared numerous times on numerous different lists and documents. Enjoy my research.

  1. Belmond Hotel Cipriani, Venice, Italy : The hotel is far from the crowds of San Marco on the tip of Giudecca Island. There are expansive gardens and a generous pool with a large area surrounding which makes it easy to find your own little spot. Ask for an Aperol Spritz and you will feel truly at home.
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  2. The Gritti Palace, Venice, Italy: George Clooney chose Venice for his 2014 wedding. The world’s sexiest man (Hemsworth’s aside) who vowed he wouldn’t marry, chose Venice as the setting for his wedding. (over Lake Como.. wow!) Without any doubt, Venice is for lovers and romancers.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  3.  Le Sirenuse: With Naples, Pompei, Paestum, Amalfi, Ravello, Capri all on the doorstep from Positano there is so much to see and do. Positano is the heart of the areas archeological and historical ruins. If history is not your thing, trust me that this is the place to ignite passion and interest for it. There is nothing like standing in ancient ruins to ignite an interest and passion. Trust me, that view, it’s breathtaking. If you ask me what heaven looks like, I hope it is Positano.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  4. Song Saa : with a choice of jungle view, ocean view or over- water villas, what’s not to fall in love with. The design is contemporary but extremely private.   Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  5. Auberge du Soleil, Napa  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  6. Perivolas, Santorini, Greece : Taken from their website the love story of how this beautiful place was started is all you need to know that when love and passion creates something so beautifully with tenderness and care, you may of found the idyllic location.  ‘In 1969 Manos and his wife Nadia , purchased a piece of cliff with cave dwellings and stables in the Perivolas area of the cliff top village of Oia. They had the vision of creating an idyllic retreat on their beloved island.  With the help of native craftsmen and using the local stone this historical setting has been gradually transformed into a luxurious complex of 20 very individual suites. This was the beginning of Perivolas.’  Click on the hotel name to make a booking. 
  7. The Oberoi Udaivilas Udaipur, Rajastahn, India  – This place most definitely ticks the mystique and eroticism box.   Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  8. Ponta dos Ganchos, Brazil – if you are looking for remote and quiet, this place is ideal.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  9. Guana Island, British Virgin Islands  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  10. COMO Cocoa Island, The Maldives. You know that the Maldives is sinking? Quickly get there and experience this exclusive and beautiful part of the world.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  11. Twin Farms, Vermont, USA : Once home to Nobel Prize-winning author Sinclair Lewis and journalist wife Dorothy Thompson, the property has numerous cottages with fireplaces and lies only a few hours from Boston.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  12. Imanta, Punta de Mita, Mexico  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  13. Crillon Le Brave, Provence : Do I need to say more than Province? I don’t think so.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  14. Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California : There is no need to rave on about this one. If you are doing the driving trip between Los Angeles and San Francisco at any stage, put this on the list. I would stay an extra night to what you had set out for the trip to take. How can you miss that view? This is a special place and no doubt unforgettable.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  15. Amanwella, Tangalle, Sri Lanka  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  16. The Yeatman Hotel, Porto, Portugal  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  17. The Chanler at Cliff Walk, Newport, RI : Hedges of hydrangeas, need I say more? The grounds at this place alone are enough to make me dive in for a week. Over the top bedroom suites and an intimate bar make for cosy and lots of snuggling.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  18. Le Guanahani, St Bart’s : In my head I am 6ft tall and have legs for days and have somehow found a bikini in a itty bitty size, my skin is no longer fair but a deep tan and my husband has abs as we walk down the beach here. Of course reality wouldn’t really matter in the prvacy of this luxurious and fun setting.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  19. Four Seasons Lanai, Manele Bay, Hawaii : If you hadn’t considered Hawaii for a romantic escape there may be a need for you to get yourself examined (those who are intolerant to heat and tropics excluded) Hawaii is amazing. From the fist Aloha and Mahola you will be relaxed and forgetting about life at home. Oahu can be busy and if you are looking for romance you may be best placed to look beyond to the other islands. The landscape is diverse with white-sand beaches and mist covered mountains with forests of pines. Home to only 3,000 full time people it is a beautiful destination and sure to be a crowd pleaser.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  20. One & Only Wolgan Valley, Blue Mountains, Australia : For years I used to drive through this area and think it’s so beautiful but the places to stay are frightening. Not now people. This resort is exactly what you would expect from the One&Only chain and bound to create romance even in the tiredest of them all. (I say that after a restful week of little sleep)  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  21. Qualia, Hamilton Island, Australia : For years Hamilton wanted to grab all those guests that would land on their island and float away to nearby Hayman Island. They have certainly delivered on heck of a competitor. Qualia is for adults only and couldn’t be a more fabulous response to Hamilton’s answer to luxury. Hamilton has such an amazing back drop with the Whitsundays and not only sunrise and sunset but also by moonlight. A full moon lighting up the whole Whitsunday Passage is a delightful way to spend an evening.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  22. The Brando, French Polynesia. Does Tahiti not say it all. That’s a cope out though, if you have dreamt of over the water bureaus, Tahiti are the masters. Enjoy the sunsets and the amazing tropical waters full of rainbow coloured fish. The cocktails will help create many a romantic lunch or evening.    Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  23. The Gant, Aspen, Colorado. Log fires and snow. It’s cold and you just have to cuddle and drink red wine. Don’t disregard Aspen in summer as the large number of trails make for loads of fresh air and healthy living.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  24. Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island, Australia : If you are looking to feel isolated or rather away from it all, there is nothing between you and Antarctica other than the Southern Ocean. Kangaroo Island is beautiful by itself but now that Southern Ocean Lodge is there, oh my stars, it is worth the trek. Sumptuous wines and foods, as to be expected in South Australia. Enjoy meandering around pathways and meeting the locals.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  25. Matakauri Lodge, New Zealand : I am not sure when New Zealand became so good at offering luxury lodge style accommodation, but I will tell you that you would be hard pressed to find better. Matakauri is further enhanced with a breathtaking backdrop and serene surroundings.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  26. El Questro, Kimberley Region, Western Australia : If you are looking at these photos and think there is nothing else like it, you would be right. The Kimberley Region in Western Australia is truly breath taking at every turn. The untouched landscape and the ancient rock formations will have you awestruck. If you can only get there once in your life time, make it worthwhile and spend a considerable amount of time there. It will be forever something you daydream about.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  27. Hotel Design Secret de Paris : If you are like me and colour ignites your senses then this is the place to do it. Since the hotel opened ten years ago it has quickly become the ‘it’ place to go in Paris.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  28. Four Seasons Hotel George V : Will have you looked at photos of their lobby? I’m sorry to of got carried away by showing so many, I couldn’t help it. I hope heaven is like this.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  29. Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club, Masai Mara National Park, Kenya – Romantics looking for a more adventurous getaway could consider Kenya’s Masai Mara National Park. One of Kenya’s most popular parks, the Masai Mara, is home to a stunning variety of animals including the “Big 5” and the location of to the world’s most awe-inspiring animal migration.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  30. Raffles, Praslin Island, Seychelles : The Seychelles Islands have both the lush vegetation and exotic beaches of any tropical area but Praslin Island is like no other. It’s low population and incredible and virtually untouched beaches like Gran Ansé and the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been named real-life Garden of Eden.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  31. Alternative places to stay would be Le Domaine de La Reserve, Praslin Island, Seychelles. That is written like it si not as wonderful or as good as Raffles, not at all. This place is a true romantic and exotic getaway where you will be assured there will be no crowds.   Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  32. J.K. Place, Capri, Italy : It’s Capri. Nothing else needs to be said.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  33. J.K Place Roma, Italy : yes I did just put the same brand in twice. Have a look and you will see why.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  34. The Peninsula, Paris, France. Do you follow Millionaire Listing New York – Frederik? This is the hotel he stayed at for his 40th. If you don’t watch that show, no matter. Imagine being greeted at the airport and driven to the hotel in a Rolls-Royce EWB Phantom. If that is not enough you will be blown away by the views of the Arc de Triomphe. If you are not so sophisticated (I am guessing some may not be) not to worry the romance level is through the roof and the rooftop bat for cocktails is amazing. Can’t beat this hotel.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  35. Aria Hotel, Prague, Czechia. Any area of Europe that maintains a medieval atmosphere is already ahead of the game to other areas of the world. Prague and the cobblestone pathways around the new and the old city  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  36. Soho Grand Hotel, NYC, New York, USA  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  37. The Carlyle, NYC, New York, USA.     You know when you read the following lines on the hotel website that you are good company. The Caryle is an iconic New York Hotel and survived since the 1930’s. Always a good sign in my book. From the site, ” Every American president since Truman has visited, and its rich history includes visiting Royals and heads-of-state — HRH, The Prince of Wales; the late Diana, Princess of Wales; The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, their Majesties, the Kings and Queens of Denmark, Greece, Spain and Sweden have all visited.” Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  38. Villa Cora, Tuscany, Italy. Villa Cora is an eclectic late-19th century villa that has been meticulously restored. Over the top rooms and furnished like a villa only an Italian could do so successfully, you will love the sophistication and beauty of this place.  Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  39. Nira Caledonia, Edinburgh, UK. For those that are seeking peace and quiet, then look no further. This place has an amazing steak restaurant that serves food from locally sourced farms. Your meal will  be sure to fill your belly before jumping into a hot tub in your suite.   Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  40. The Witchery by The Castle, Edinburgh. Each suite is sumptuously decorated with a twist of kooky. The four poster beds and breakfast hampers make for an indulgent romantic getaway.  
  41. Sans Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara, CA, USA. Robert and Jackie Kennedy honeymooned here on their return from Acapulco, Mexico. As you could imagine, Jackie Kennedy di not stay just anywhere. This is a special place and remains stuffed with old world charm and five star service. The grounds are breathtaking with differing garden pockets but meandering paths. Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  42. Royal Livingstone Anantara, Kenya   Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  43. Petit St Vincent, Grenadine Islands. This private island is limited to just 22 cottages. Doesn’t get much more private than that. Two restaurants will keep you well fed. This island is a once in a lifetime indulgence.   Click on the hotel name to make a booking.
  44. COMO Shambhala, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. This one is last as if you have not been to Bali, there is more to Bali than tourists. The spirituality of the country and its people will have a lasting effect on you. The gentleness of their beliefs and their commitment to their beliefs has you believing in love and kindness everywhere. Nothing more romantic than that is there?   Click on the hotel name to make a booking.

This has been the most labour intensive article I have ever done. It has taken so many hours to create galleries and gather links.. it has been tiring. Please send me any love to reassure me that all this time is appreciated!


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