50 inspirational travel quotes

Travel quotes

Travel quotes both annoy me and inspire me. When I am about to take I trip, I love them. When I have just got back they irritate me. Says more about me that the travel quote huh! They do make me appreciate and be grateful for all the opportunities that I have had recently and throughout my life.

It’s an important part of travel to stop and smell the roses. To go with what life throws you and grow from the experience. Anyone who has traveled in Asia and South America will appreciate electricity, fresh water and a comfy bed. After ten days in a Malaysian jungle, a pillow (the comfort of the bed no longer mattered and the opportunity to wash my hair was the things dreams are made of. Arriving home after 17 days of NO COFFEE was like winning the lottery. The same as after delivering the baby and running into the sushi shop! (or bar, depending upon where your preferences lie)

Travel quotes can be inspirational and can be a reminder of the good times and the bad. I think we need the bad. The bad is what I seek for. Bad is what makes you grow. A bad experience helps my children develop from boys into men. Experiencing asituation where everything goes worng (not too wrong I hope) is what helps us to learn and be better form the experience. Having a problem arise is an opportunity for them to watch me deal with a bad situation and set an example as I work through the problem. It’s a time to bring my A Game and show them how an adult behaves.

“Keep on travelling. Keep on exploring and understanding. Keep on growing.” Virginia Timmins


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