24 travel gift ideas for travelers

Travel is something we all look forward to in some way. Those that don’t like being away look forward to being home and the ones that long for something different are dreaming of the adventures to be had.


I think something for a trip is a great present. It beats all that useless plastic under the tree that you will never use. I think I have bought about 5 different travel wallets. The first too big and the heavy. The second not able to hold 4 x passports with ease of access. It’s like the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears? Anyway, I hope you enjoy this list of travel gifts.

Go Travel Bag Packers

Make packing a breeze with this three-piece packing organiser set.

  • Protects shirts and other delicate garments inside case
  • Easy to unpack in second
  • Easy to locate various items
  • Small: 23x20x2cm, Medium: 28x23x5cm, Large: 29x46x6cm

  • Eight scratch pages (scratch off where you have been)
  • Tips and advice
  • Journal for writing
  • Recycled cardboard folder
Cocoon Grid-It! Organizer

The Cocoon GRID-IT! eliminates the clutter in your bag by placing your iPhone, MagSafe power adapters, gadgets, cables, chargers and other personal items in a securely organised object-retention system. The GRID-IT! is completely customisable, allowing you to arrange your items however you choose. A rubberised woven elastic object retention system for gadget organisation

  • Ideal for organising your iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry and other digital devices
  • Versatile organisation
  • Endless configurations
  • Designed to hold items firmly in place
  • Convenient pocket for additional storage
Travel Cord Roll

Tangle-Free Travel – Luggage shifts, cords tangle, but you can keep your electronic companions organized in style with this travel roll. No more untangling a messy handful of cords just to charge your phone, rather, neatly tuck up to eight cords and two plugs into your stylish organizer.

Portachair Harness

A portable baby seat securely straps to adult chairs to instantly accommodate children five months old through their toddler years. Designed with a five-point safety harness and fully adjustable straps, this streamlined device makes feeding on-the-go safe and simple. Great for travel, restaurant dining, or just visiting grandparents and friends, Porta Chair is the perfect travel accessory for new parents. Supports up to 15 kilos. 

Convertible Travel Pillow Infinity Scarf

This soft, warm, infinity scarf is both stylish and hides a U-shaped, zippered pocket around the neck that holds an inflatable travel pillow in place. Lightweight and compact, the interior pillow isn’t noticeable until you use it. When you want to sleep, unzip the pillow and blow a few puffs of air to inflate it.

I Was Here: A Travel Journal for the Curious Minded

This is the book for easily overlooked and wonderful everyday details encountered while traveling, whether near or far away. Packed with unique and fulfilling journeys that can be undertaken in any city, as well as prompts to record every whimsical discovery, each page is a surprise. Other features include: plenty of space to capture addresses, itineraries, reviews, and tips from locals; a reference section with time zones, measurements, and other relevant information; graphic pages for note taking; and a back pocket for collecting ephemera. 

Olloclip iPhone Lens Set

The all-new Filmer’s Kit is designed to deliver the mobile videographer, live streamer & photographer with a complete creative arsenal of lenses sized to fit today’s most popular camera, iPhone. Users are now equipped to shoot farther, wider and closer than ever before possible with iPhone’s built-in front and rear cameras.

The Filmer’s Kit includes:

  • olloclip Core Lens Set (Fisheye, Super-Wide & Macro 15x lenses)
  • – olloclip Active Lens Set (Telephoto & Ultra-Wide lenses)
  • – olloclip Pivot articulating mobile video grip
Bose Quiet Comfort 35 wireless headphones II

QuietComfort wireless headphones II are engineered with world-class noise cancellation. And now they’re even better. With the Google Assistant built in, you can play music, receive texts and get answers without glancing at your phone. They are pricey but if you enjoy music or podcasts, these are the headphones for you. If you are a runner they have alternative versions for running with.

Zflyte scooter/ bag 

Every adventure begins with this. I have previously written a review about this product and those needing to get kids through airports, this is for you. They fit in carryon luggage and under chairs. It works as a pull along luggage as well as a scooter. 

Luggage set

When it comes to luggage you need what they call spinners. I often push 4 bags whilst my husband manages the kids or carries the car set. Spinners make this possible. I can join tow together in each hand or join them as a train. American Tourister is my chosen brand for ease. Samsung do a similar model and I am sure if you want to invest more you can.


Luggage covers and luggage straps

Luggage covers and luggage straps are not necessary. I do get longer life from my luggage with a cover on it and it is far easier to pick from the conveyor belt if it is slightly different from the next white or black bag. I recommend if you can’t cope with a brightly coloured cover, go bright for your strap. You can now get colours that are a personalised photo should you so desire.

American Tourister luggage covers come in pink or cobalt. Samonsite has a cover that fits that comes in black (my preference) Luggage straps can be picked up almost anywhere. Give a good fabric marker for ease of writing the name on the strap in large letters.

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II Mirrorless Digital Camera

If you are going to be using a larger camera, this is the best on the market for a non-professional photographer. Its attractive and compact with a wide range of features. 

A Stowable Umbrella

Travellers always forget an umbrella and yet I am yet to take a rain-free trip. I lie, California rarely rains and when we there it was so dusty and dry it was desperate for a good drench. I like Coach or Kate Spade for gifts. Click the name for a link. Not the most exciting pressie but you could add a matching scarf or keyring?

Kiehl’s Travel Set

I have sensitive skin and before I moved to Kiehl’s was replacing my regime sometimes fortnightly. I love that they recycle all their packaging. All their products are available in travel size – which is especially great if you want to trial something. Even better when you are travelling. I know everyone prattles on about travel size products and who can be bothers. I totally agree but by changing to travel size, I often get at least 5 kilos lighter in my luggage.


Birchbox Subscription

This is amazing. It is so easy. After filling out your profile and your preferences, you will receive five monthly beauty treats, a mix of prestige and niche brands. If you buy full sized versions you will gain loyalty points.

Clearly Filtered Water Bottle

It may seem like a large amount of luggage space but trust me you will not regret it. I took stainless steel water bottles to the Malaysian jungle and my son and I were so comforted by just a degree off the water we were drinking. We visited California a year later and I didn’t pack bottles. We spent at least $400 on bottles water. The bubblers were of little value as recycling plastic bottles didn’t keep the water cool. We couldn’t buy ice. We just had to continuously buy chilled water to cope with the heat. If you are heading to hot countries, this is a great gift.


The Daily Edited is a great place for personalised and thoughtful gifts. TDE is all about creating products that are stylish but functional. Products with a luxury feel at an attainable price point.

TDE uses the best leather possible but they also run a vegan range. Every item is able to be personalised with embossing. The lines are limited in number adding to the uniqueness of each item.

Luxe Cashmere Travel Set 

Bring first class to any seat on the plane.

  • Set contains 100% pure cashmere blanket, socks, eye mask and carry case
  • Cashmere travels well, doesn’t wrinkle and gets softer with age
Orvis Barbour Trevose Three-in-One Jacket

Waterproof and breathable, Barbour’s new women’s Trevose Jacket will be your constant rainy-day companion spring through fall. With a flattering curved back and raglan sleeve construction, it’s as comfortable as it is smart looking. Adjust the fit with the interior draw-cord at the waist. Stand collar, front zipper with snap-close.

Ban.do Power Bank

Ban.do power bank has unlimited helpings of hot electric charge. It’s compatible with virtually all your devices and it has two usb outputs, so you can charge two devices at once (very handy) it’s a lifesaver when you’re traveling and can’t find an outlet.

Le Pliage Longchamp Travel Bag

If you don’t have one of these bags, then you will be surprised at how much you will use it They fold up so great to pack when travelling and you are heading off on overnight trip and don’t want whole luggage Great for additional shopping purposes. I used one for a nappy bag. Light and functional is a must have. The handbag version s a great size for travelling as it is light and able to fit water bottles and cameras.

Air BNB vouchers

A practical and useful gift for travelers. It sure beats being locked into a hotel chain or resort. Every traveler will delight in Air BNB vouchers, there is all levels and style of accommodation so everyone can be accommodated.  

Visa gift card

A visa gift card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Travellers can use them to pay for an experience while travelling, shopping, fares or even dinner. The versatile gift.


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