Book Review – The Windfall, Diksha Basu

Windfall Diksha Basu

The book of choice

The Windfall by Diksha Basu

Why this book?

I have been trying to read things not suggested by my local book store and from other lists. This one was on the Vanity Fair list for must read in 2017. Some of the other books they suggested are a tad urrgghh (I know that’s not a word) but this one was nothing short of delightful.

The Author

Diksha Basu divides her time between Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Mumbai. He husband is a Bollywood producer and they have just had their first child. Prior to having a child, the author would write whenever the creative juices were flowing. Now with a child in tow she is working on her second novel but finding her previous  writing routine difficult to follow.

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Why should you read it?

I have so many people of Indian decent in my team at work and many have become friends. I love their culture and all the many fables and traditions. I also laugh at them for the materialistic ways and importance they place on labels. This book will have you laughing at all that is stereotypical Indian. The Keeeping up with the Jones style of story line is certainly entertaining as a family having lived in a small apartment for most of their lives are moving to an area of great affluence. The entertainment comes from beautiful crafted characters and the story from each of their points of view. It entwines American culture and Indian culture together through the son who is a student in the US.

In Summary

You will snigger throughout this charming book. I loved the story-line and the many characters. You will not be disappointed in this choice. It is a light read and fun. The story-line is easy to identify with and an interesting look in life in Mumbai from differing pay levels. I am inspired to go to India not only to experience the bustle of Mumbai but also the area outside of the city.


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