How to be the Easter Bunny when you are away?

I had a deprived childhood. ( I am joking)  We went camping every Easter and as such it was hard to have eggs as the melted. Which is fine really, we got one and Dad bought it the day before in the local town (granted there were some left) and we were sweet with that.

We are going to Fraser Island for Easter and I am at a loss what to do with the eggs. We won’t have a fridge or a bag to keep them cool. Do I just postpone it until I get home? We have been away before and had a house to protect our eggs and keep them safe.

How do we get eggs into a hotel? How do we create an egg hunt where we don’t know the grounds or the layout of the hotel?

Ideas to get around the egg hunt

Swap figurines or toys for eggs

  • Find some non-melting toys that you can pack without adding heaps of weight to your luggage. Hide these in locations throughout the weekend away in places the kids will find them but not taken by other passers-by.
  • When you get home, you could swap the toys for eggs.
  • Suggest either Lego men or toy soldiers. If you have thousands of Shopkins you could use these.

Print a screen shot of the egg

  • Print a screen shot of the egg your children will get once they are home and put this under their pillow with a note from the bunny.

Request the hotel get some eggs for you in the room

  • Ask the hotel if they run an egg hunt in the hotel. Do they have other Easter celebrations?
  • Request a delivery of eggs to arrive to the hotel for you to collect upon check-in.

Find out if there is a local hotel, restaurant or café that runs an Easter celebration.

  • If you ever visit Sydney for Easter – the Easter Show is on.
  • The Grounds of Alexandria would be amazing – they crack a human size egg with a mallet and have the big bunny arrive. Would be hectic but an amazing experience.
  • If you are in the States – checkout these places. I seriously would die to go to any of them- they look amazing.
  1. Acqualina, Miami
  2. Omni Mount Washington, New Hampshire
  3. The Langham Huntington, Pasadena
  4. Four Seasons Orlando At Walt Disney World
  5. Fairmont Grand Del Mar
  6. The Lotte New York Palace
  7. The Cloister At Sea Island
  8. Suncadia Resort
  9. Abbey Resort
    10.Montage Deer Valley
  10. Four Seasons Austin
    12.Reunion Resort

Find a local park

  • Get hubby to run ahead and hide the eggs around a small area of the park and then get the kids to do an Easter egg hunt within this area.
  • Try to use shaded areas in Australia or other hot countries. That foil around the eggs only helps heat them up!

That’s how I would solve this debacle of what to do at Easter for egg hunts and kids when you are away. What are your ideas? Do you have suggestions of other places to go for an awesome Easter experience?

Easter Island is on my list one day. Have you been to Easter Island. I am guessing few chocolate eggs at this destination.

Secretly I am rather glad it is not a day of too much chocolate and cooking for family. I love it but I am looking forward to the day off this year.


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