Use the Airport VIP Service at Bali Airport (Denpasar)

Bali has a VIP service through international customs. If you have travelled to Bali previously you can arrive along with numerous other planes and there are two people to check everyone through customs. It takes a long time and travelling with children it can be trying.  This little trick is worth its weight in gold. We used a Bali VIP Service to avoid the wait.

A breakdown of what to expect:

  • Book the service with one of the links provided.
  • Upon arrival, you are met at the arrivals gate just before the Visa On Arrival counter.
  • This representative then takes your passports and your VOA fee and heads to the front of the line to have it processed (first rule of travelling never let your passport out of your sight but you are with them, so just trust).
  • The representative escorts you through immigration via a special immigration counter. The other passengers will give you death stares as they watch you literally skip the queue.
  • All passports are stamped and you are escorted through customs, I have been told they can negotiate extra alcohol to bring in (the limit is 1 litre per person). People have often said ‘get your 1 litre’ at the airport on the way in as it is so expensive. Fiddle sticks. The effort of getting mixers and lime is beyond the cost of the drinks.
  • The VIP representative helps you with your bags and escorts you to your taxi or waiting car.

I would make sure you have confirmation form a person not an automated response to ensure the service is running. There is various pieces of information saying it wasn’t running and the service has ceased etc.


The immigration process in Bali can take 2-3 hours if they are busy, this process can reduce that to 10 minutes.


It’s great for families, (saves kids going mad in long lines and for long periods of time) You would be forgiven in believing that only in an Asian country would this be allowed, but they seemingly operate in other airports as well.

The Cost

We paid US $198 for two adults (fee applies to children but infants under 2 are usually free). This fee is vastly different from a competitive company.

The price of the VIP/VOA Fast Track Service is AUD$40 per person and excludes :

  • The Visa On Arrival payment ( USD $ 35 / person IF reqd) paid to Immigration
  • Overweight baggage based on regulation tariffs paid to airline
  • Any Passport or Visa Problem
  • Carried or Undeclared Goods through Customs

As in many things in Asia there is a great difference in the price. Make sure you are aware of what one is providing over the other. I would imagine negotiation should be attempted if you are aware of the cost variances between companies.

This service operates in many of the world’s airports. Several of the above links direct you to services in other airports. As a quick spot check, I checked the price for Sydney airport for 2 people and it was a whopping US $398 which I struggle to find value for money. having said that there is often a huge wait at Sydney airport when those planes are first allowed to land. 115,000 on average go through this airport so it is busy.

Fast track or VIP services

Bali Fast Forward Airport Service 

Bali Fast Track Airport Service 

Concierge services and additional services

The Bali Concierge 

The Royal Airport Concierge 

The Bali Rescentre 

Who knew about these services? Have you used this service or a similar service before? Do you have any comments about this service?


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