A guide to inflight beauty

Travelling might be an indulgence and a way to spoil yourself but sitting on a plane is most certainly not. Here are my tips for inflight beauty to ensure you can hit the ground looking like Posh Beckham and feeling well rested, hydrated and good to go.


There is a flight daily out of Bali leaving at 10.00pm and arriving Sydney at 6.00am. It is a killer. You only get about 2-3 hours of sleep if you are lucky – with the airline serving meals etc and what looks like an 8-hour flight is only 6 hours in the plane, so in truth you are boarding at 12.00am Sydney time. Consider these things when booking. If you need to run off the plane to dinner or something else, consider flight arrival times.


Cover your skin in a shea butter prior to getting onboard. Your body will appreciate the extra moisturiser and will help you to arrive with subtle skin and not looking like an old duck with skin likened to an avocado.


If being an Elle Macpherson fan has taught me anything – 2 litres of water has certainly worked for her. Drink water, drink water and drink some more water. You can no longer pack your own bottle but you will have to annoy the hostess for some. I find a collapsible bottle handy onboard to fill every time you visit the toilet.

Stretches and moving

Regular movement will ensure the blood is flowing to all parts of your body. Before I had kids, I used to calculate the length of the flight and then get up at regular intervals throughout the flight for a stretch and a toilet stop. Now, I kinds of go with each child and then for myself, which is great as I am moving nearly the entire flight. The best exercise is ‘reach to the sun’ stand on your feet and reach as high as you can with your hands above your head. This will stretch out everything. Repeat 8-10 times every time you are up.

Skin drinks

Have you used a facial mist before? I recommend one for flying. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater is the one I use, but there are many on the market and all up to what your preference is. Your skin will thank you as the air-conditioning is extremely drying. I use a hand cream on flights as my hands suffer greatly. Just every few hours, spritz your face and rub some cream into your hands.

There are some light moisturisers on the market that can be applied over your makeup throughout the flight should you feel the need. A serum will do the same job but heavier.


Do not use the bathroom for anything other than washing your hands. The water is not the cleanest. Take a packet of baby wipes in your hand luggage.

Dry Shampoo

When I can take the aerosol onboard I am one happy flyer. Use it before the flight and if you can’t tie your hair back, use a scarf or a bandana. The air-conditioning (maybe it’s the pressure – I’ll get into sorting out what is the cause) in the plane creates a lot of oil. Either way you won’t land looking like a wild woman as scarves are far from that!

Pack the brush

Remember long haul flights are the equivalent of going to bed and waking up. I trust you brush and you are not one of these hip people who can’t do their hair. Nothing like a good brush to make you feel cleaner.

Bare is best

I would recommend not wearing any makeup on board – but I look like a right fright without mascara on (blonde eyelashes) and cannot go out in public without it. I do however wear water proof on the plane to prevent smudging. I wipe this off and apply fresh before landing, nothing bets a fresh face for renewed glam.


I would highly recommend cleaning your face like you would on any other evening before bed. If you can’t do your regular routine, use makeup wipes, there are some with exfoliate in them. Apply a heavy-duty night moisturiser. Use a gel eye pad under your eye mask to prevent puffiness and swelling.

Tanning lotions

Nothing makes you look fresh lie a bronze colour. I am not talking Donald Trump orange, but a sun kissed look. I use a moisturiser with a gradual build up over a few days. Trust me, helps to hide bags and all sorts of breakouts.

Before landing

Brush your hair and your teeth. Use a makeup wipe and apply makeup. Remember this is a plane and not your personal bathroom. Stick to a light foundation, mascara and a quick illuminator on the cheeks. Change your shirt if you can. I try to change my whole outfit but sometimes the bathrooms on the plane are so dirty that you may wish to wait until you land to change. Nothing bets feeling clean like a clean outfit – inclusive of underwear.

There you have it, beauty routine in the air. If you can only take one point – hydration is the key to success.


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