A guide to Mother’s Day winners

Mother’s Day (Australia) is coming up and we need to get organised to ensure Mum is both sufficiently spoilt and appreciated. It’s a once a year event where you get the opportunity to tell Mum she (me) is doing a great job and you love her for it. The day doesn’t need to be over the top and with a little planning you can make it unforgettable. Read on for my guide to Mother’s Day winners.

Yep. Why is it that we wait to get through Anzac Day and then suddenly, boom, Mother’s Day is around the corner and everywhere is full and you can’t get a reservation. Here is a list of out of the box things to do for Mother’s Day that will ensure both Mum feels loved and appreciated and everyone enjoys themselves.

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to create some family traditions. It is also an opportunity for you to teach your children how to honour and show appreciation of your mother and potentially your mother-in-law. It is not about spending hundreds of dollars it’s about family and being together. As the kids grow up it could be preparing breakfast for you – or, if you are clever get Dad to take them out to the bakery to pick up breakfast and give you an extra 20 minutes sleep in.

Sailing on Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is one of the best harbours in the world, if not the best. Champagne Sailing has boast for groups of 20 or more. Grab Mum, the in-laws and all the aunties and book a boat. Sailing trips are for 4 hour excursions. Pack a kilo or so of prawns and enjoy the sunshine. Click here to make a booking.

It’s picnic time.

Where is your favourite spot? Don’t have one yet, then find one. It doesn’t need to be the best view or the greatest park, pick somewhere easy for you to get to and everyone you are including. Make sure you have chairs and water available. Sit back and enjoy the afternoon. We include our dog our picnics because he is needy, so we generally find ourselves at a park where he can run around. The boys pack a soccer ball (well one does and the other packs a book) The simple life can be some of the most enjoyable afternoons you will ever have. Be a girl guide and make sure you pack everything you need. Water + food + chairs + sweaters for the chill that may or may not arrive + wine + picnic rug.

Click here for my favourite go to for picnics. For all catering, you can also use this one, click here. As I am changing my diet and eating less of this and more of that with a strong focus on healthy eating, you can also try this one for super amazing meals. Click here for my gorgeous friend Jac’s delightful company.

For the experience and the wow factor

Can’t bet The Grounds people. Honestly you can’t bet it. BUT, it will be busy and it will have so many people there. If that is your thing – jump in but if you prefer something less hectic, this is not the place for you on a busy day. They do a great job of making sure the whole family can eat and be entertained. Click here to find out more and good luck with getting a reservation.

In memorandum or raising awareness

The Mother’s Day Classic is an annual fun run that is held to raise fund for breast cancer research. Events are held throughout Australia and they are not a serious run by any means. Dress up and enjoy the day. We all know someone effected by breast cacer and this is a wonderful event to turn around the sadness of such a dreadful disease and make a positive difference. It’s great fun and the overall vibe is cheerful and happy despite raising funds for such a morbid event. Click here for more information throughout Australia

For some adventure in style

Camping is yuk. Trust me I spent my childhood in a tent. I appreciate there are still droves of camping fans – I can say I am proud to let you have it. Glamping is okay. I like to think in a world where I want to raise grounded children who don’t expect a concierge at every family holiday destination, glamping may be a step in the adventure direction. Who can really say?

If you are like me and think sitting by a camp fire for the evening under the stars would be fun but the idea of setting up a tent and dragging all the bedding and stuff is beyond where you are prepared to go. Why not try Cockatoo Island glamping?

From their site:

Our tents are ideal for up to two adults and two small children, or 3 adults.

What’s included:

  • One pre-erected tent (2.4m x 2.4m)
  • Two camping mattresses
  • Two chairs

What you’ll need to bring:

If you missed that – alcohol can be consumed but only purchased on the island. If you read ‘Cooking utensils, cutlery and plates. Food’ and broke out in a sweat at the thought of all that packing. There are food options on the island! Yippee. This is where all the campers start telling me going to a café is not camping. I pack marshmallows! I cook! Safes carrying all that palaver anyway. Any other camping site, I would not go to café, but this is ferry trip to get there. Way too hard in my opinion. Click here for more information and to make a booking.

And the easy option.

Do you have a cashmere poncho? I get living in Sydney why do I have one. I kid you not this has been the single greatest gift I could ever get. Last year the boys bought me one and I use it all the time. It’s the perfect coverup to carry in a bag in changing weather. It works well over all outfits. It is soft and cosy. It makes for a perfect plane coverup. It makes for a great travel accessory for sightseeing, easily carried in your bag and easy to slip on when the weather changes. Click here to purchase yours.


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